Thursday, October 31, 2013

#DeletedScenes - Imagi Studios' ZELDA

Did you know we almost got a ZELDA movie at some point?

And no. Not another cringe-worthy Hollywood lackbuster, but an animated CGi film?!

Produced by Imagi Studios from whom we got the Astro Boy movie, the "mmmh..okay, but decent" TMNT CGi film and that Gatchaman film that never got made.

They pitched the film adaptation back in 2007 in the form of the video below... but it sadly never got greenlighted by Nintendo!

۞ par AGBLeaks

You know what?

This actually looked fairly decent. Not sure I'm 100% fan of all the design choices, but at least they tried to make it their own new incarnation of Link & the world of Zelda, rather than simply recycling either Toon!Link or Ocarina!Link. (like, say, Nintendo these days..)


  1. I bet the film still uses the Z targeting system.

    1. I bet it would have been a fun and well done movie, albeit with an unsatisfying final act like past Imagi's films :P