Saturday, July 2, 2022

#Blog Getting some new homebrew Mega Drive and NES titles

Just received a few new homebrew titles from Second Dimension. For both the NES as well as the Mega Drive.

Most importantly, the long-awaited Eyra, the Crow Maiden.

 This year's been mostly new homebrew titles for me, very little "current gen" games... Oh,well.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

#DCnews Black Adam – Official Trailer 1

The first proper trailer for Black Adam is out and... wow! This looks badass, but the tone is so different I can't imagine this mixing up with Shazam...

Also, I can't wait to see the JSA in a feature film! Awesome! And this Doctor Fate casting was inspired!

Thursday, June 9, 2022

#MARVELnews Marvel’s Midnight Suns | “Darkness Falls” Trailer

Wow! This game came out of nowhere, but I like what I'm seeing! I always dig some Marvel Knights/Midnight Suns/Defenders.

Plus the music was dope.

They call this a "tactical RPG", so I'm expecting the return of a Marvel Alliance-type game.

I will just say: this was the perfect opportunity to bring in X-23 or Flash Thompson/Venom.. oh well... At least I'll get my Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes fix.

(I mean I'm just used to see modern Midnight Suns with Flash!Venom along Robbie!GR.. but we sitll have Eddie Brock!Venom here? Why not use Danny Ketch/GR instead then??? Okay, I'll shut it)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

#MovieNEWS PREY Trailer (2022) Predator 5

The trailer for Predator 5/the Predator prequel is here! And like I anticipated it's not even titled Predator, it's simply called Prey. More on my previous Predator/Alien naming scheme theory after the trailer.*

It does look pretty cool, even if it's a lot simpler visually and obviously more low budget. 

The new Pred looks a bit low tech, but I dig it. The bone-mask and it has a kickass shield. Sweet.

People complaining a Native American with no access to modern tech will defeat a Predator is unbelievable.. have probably not seen the previous Predator films. Because Arnie didn't defeat the Predator with grenades and bazookas.. but by going low tech as well, with traps and all.

*As for the naming scheme theory: I like how, coincidence or not, the Predator franchises as pretty much completely followed up on the Alien series. Same similar titles, same similar films. Even the reception's of each film's basically the same and we can predict a lot of things with the numbering system alone - keeping the AVP series aside.

Check this out:

Alien - Predator: the original films, a scifi/war film that takes a straight turn into a horror/slasher film. The original films are still referenced to this day, the better well received titles in both franchises, and quality films from all-time renowned film directors.

Aliens - Predator 2: the sequel takes more focus into action. Still a very good film. Lots of debates among fans that rank it as good or better than the first film. A classic all in all. Also more lore. More creatures this time around, the fans would love collecting figures of said variant creatures for years to come.

Alien 3 - Predators: a return to the simpler, more down-to-earth concept of the original. Basically a retreat back to the tone and style of the original. Lots of fans loved it even though the critics didn't. But still a success for the series, even if a bit down-graded compared to the first two classic films.

Alien Resurrection - The Predator: now this is the point of no-return in the series, despite some success on release, the series kind of ended here. Too much humor, silly jokes. Too much focus on a gang of zany humans. The new added lore gets too convulsed, going into DNA modification, cloning... It's a strange scifi comedy film that has its fans, the film isn't ugly to look at, but very little of horror anymore. Also the new CGi creature looks just plain bad. The ending is a whole story, with reshoots, different endings.. I never expected to see the studios following on this one with a sequel.

And what do we have here? Well, aside from AVP like I wrote above, with the Alien series we got...

Prometheus: another return back to basics. With a prequel, with a weird different title. Much more successful with the critics and fans, at the time. Which would grant it a sequel, under the Alien moniker again. But fans have kind of dismissed it over the years. Still, the film kinda brought back the series, even if it never was the same, now exploring prequel-themes and other elements the director wanted.

So not going into Alien Covenant here, I always expected a Predator prequel to be announced. Not only to confirm my theory, but because from a studio and critical point of view it was the easier route to follow. So all in all.. wait and see!

Friday, June 3, 2022

#GamingNEWS The Callisto Protocol - Bande-annonce officielle de gameplay

Finally, a big budget epic horror game (not called Resident Evil). I was missing the likes of Dead Space, Outlast, Obscure and The Suffering this generation...

Here's another kickass trailer from the last state of play:

#GamingNEWS Final Fantasy XVI - Bande-annonce DOMINANCE | PS5

 FFXVI is looking slick! I dig it!

#CapcomNEWS Resident Evil 4 + Street Fighter 6

 Here's some pretty kickass trailers from the latest State of Play! And I gotta say, I like what we got to see. 

First up, I can see why Capcom made RE Village and 4 Remake back to back. Looks like they might recycle some assets between games. And I dig it. I can't imagine a remake of RE5 or 6 after this (or make them proper single player puzzle-driven stories). So, why not go after Code Veronica next?

The new weirdly realistic Street Fighter looks pretty good actually.

#GamingNEWS The Quarry - Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

 I forgot to post this one, but that's the latest upcoming game from Supermassive Games, not part of their Dark Pictures Anthology series. Check it out, it looks awesome:

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

#SEGAnews Sonic Frontiers: World Premiere Gameplay | IGN First

So here it is. For once I waited for the "world premiere" and sat in front of IGN's upload on youtube. And here it is indeed:


Alright, so several points that immediately come to mind: 

- It looks like Sonic Team finally realized what the old Sonic 2006 teaser trailer promised, Sonic exploring a realistic environment. That's what this reminds me, the old original Sonic 2006 teaser with Sonic running in a plain and forest, fighting realistic robots.

- Inspired by the movies or not? The more realistic grounded "weird "worlds plus the design of the round robots make me think so. 

- It does looks as promised: Sonic in a sandbox environement, like something out of a FFXV or something... Sonic running aimlessly in what appears the sandbox world of some other game.

- For me it reminds me way too much of all these sandbox fangames... I would certainly prefer a more contained and level-based arcade experience. For me Sonic's always been the kind of arcade platformer you replay the same few levels constantly to get better each time, either grabbing the Chaos Emeralds quicker each time (2D games) or by getting better and better ranks each time (3D games). And this.. doesn't feel like that so far. I'll certainly dig playing this once, but a couple of games like this? hmmm... 

They're kinda selling this the opposite they did with Sonic Forces. Which showed zero gameplay but bits from the opening trailer, a sign of story elements, returning characters, etc. Here, we don't know if even Tails' in here!

All in all.. Wait and see...