Monday, January 26, 2015

#DoubleFeature - Jingle All the Way/Daylight

Here's two "Christmas" films from 1996!

Sorry for the delay, I originally meant to have these reviews up for this Xmas... and then I kinda forgot...

It's a competition between SLY and SCHWARZIE in these following reviews:


Here's some funny random Jim Carrey impressions, a fun video compilation:

#Randomz - Female Karate Rika Usami

Here's something EPIC for a change.

This here is Rika Usami, a pretty badass karateka who posts a lot of stuff like showing karate katas and whatnot. Here showing how to properly "press enter"...


Saturday, January 24, 2015

VGR:Quickies Rayman handheld games

Think I reviewed all the classic Rayman games? Here's a couple of stand-out original handheld games!

ComicPanelsOfTheWeek: Bitch.

(Click for bigger pic)

Hawkguy Hawkeye © Marvel Comics

ComicPageOfTheWeekend: The first appearance of Squirrel Girl! (aka SG vs. Iron Man!)

(Click for bigger pic)

Marvel Super-Heroes #8 © Marvel Comics