Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#DCNews KRYPTON | Teaser Trailer | SYFY

Do you know GOTHAM? A crazy prequel TV show based around Batman but actually featuring a vigilante-like Commissioner Gordon instead, long before little Bruce Wayne became The Batman? But someone they started inserting every possible elements of the Bat-mythos without having an actual Batman around (the Riddler, the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, a proto-Joker, Poison Ivy, almost-Harley Quinn... you name it!):

Wow! The new seasons are looking pretty crazy now (I've long ditched this show..).

Well, Warner Bros. and David S. Goyer are planning to do the same with Superman now! KRYPTON! A crazy prequel TV show based around Superman but actually featuring asuperhero -like Kal-El grandfather instead, long before little Clark Kent became Superman! No kidding!

Man... what's with all these prequels?! Didn't nerds decide the Star Wars Prequels were bad because they were prequels mostly and we shouldn't get any more prequels!? Come on, nerds! Do your internet-outrage-thingie!!

#MovieNEWS Ready Player One Comic-Con Trailer (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Steven Spielberg's new film Ready Player One (based on an early 2000s novel) seems to be the Wreck-it-Ralph of retro and nostalgia culture. Check this out:

Harley Qunn (Oh, right, this is a WB film..) and Deathstroke or Deadpool?  The Iron friggin' Giant!?! Lara Croft!! Freddy Krueger?? Duke Nukem!!! The DeLorean?!

I dunno guys... this feels like something I would have loved, but it feels way too random for my taste. Also isn't the book supposed to have a nostalgic 80s-vibe? This feels way to modern and hi-tech for my taste. Like a cheap Tron Legacy knockoff....

Wait and see!

Monday, July 24, 2017

#SDCC2017 Stan Against Evil | Season 2 Teaser | IFC

John C. McGinley is awesome. I really loved Stan Against Evil's first season, it was a nice lil' surprise despite feeling like a cheap Ash vs. Evil Dead knockoff at first. Check out the teaser trailer for the upcoming 2nd season of the show!

Really looking forward to it! Also - Jeffrey Combs!!! Can't have enough of the good ol' Re-Animator in this genre!

#Ad Lightning returns! Nissan x Final Fantasy XIII

Ok. This is random... A Nissan car.. with VR.. and Final Fantasy XIII characters! What!?!?

#SDCC2017 Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek [HD]

Warner Bros. just ran a brand new Joss Whedon-esque trailer of the upcoming Justice League film... and it looks... the same. But kinda different too.

Time to speculate who shows up at the end... Superman already? Or Green Lantern, as Steppenwolf just confirmed he exists in the DCEU??

And they also released a very Alex Ross-esque poster, which I kind of dig, despite the awfully-designed Cyborg:

Not really fan of the logo-mashup, tho..

#SDCC2017 Captain Marvel concept art

This first concept artworks of the upcoming live action Captain Marvel film looks RAD!!!

If this is anything to go by, she will have her kickass current costume on screen perfectly captured on the big screen.

Other points:
  • Mohawk?
  • The film takes place in the 90s! 
  • Nick Fury with two eyes!
  • Skrulls as the main antagonists...! Did Marvel work out a deal with FOX or did they just secretly reveal they got the rights to the FF back...?

#NetflixNEWS Stranger Things | Season 2 Comic Con "Thriller" Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Wow! Color me hyped!

Still one of the best recent series to have come out in ages. It sure helps it has everything I love. (from the 80s to the horror stuff, to the music, vintage video games and, of course, even Winona Ryder <3 br="">