Thursday, March 26, 2015

1PanelReview Batgirl Beyond

The best new DC Comics character in a decade isn't even in the main continuity!


#Fighting NEWS! New Mortal Kombat X trailer!!

Zombie Liu Kang! Kung Lao and a Kung Jin! Bearded badass Sub-Zero! And Goro's back too!?!

Man this game's looking pretty kickass!!! *I need a modern gaming system TT___TT*

#Randomz - The Cast of The Flash Singing The Firefly Theme Song

That's right, you read that right!

Source and reason behind this entire vid, in case you were wondering, can be found here on:

#Zombie NEWS! MAGGIE trailer

Here's a trailer for "Maggie". Which happens to be a zombie film. And also a Schwarzenegger film.

Some pretty impressive acting from Arnie there! This actually sounds interesting and looks nice so far.

(Sidenote: Why does it strangely reminds me of Commando!?!)

#BestOf My Name Is Randy - My Name Is Earl alternate opening compilation

This was great!

*still misses the show...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#StandUp Comedy - Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden

Aziz Ansari's doing a new comedy special, "Live at Madison Square Garden"! Check it out:

#Cartoon NEWS! The new Inspector Gadget cartoon looks.... awful.

So, this is the Inspector Gadget reboot we finally got:

Looks awfully... kiddie. Just like Sonic Boom, I take it.

While Gadget seems fine (he should always be the only one that "dumb"..), Penny's redesign looks unnecessary and Brain's animations looks simply bad. Like really bad.

Hw did they ruin Dr. Claw so easily!?!? I mean, purple?!! Also, I'm not really liking the theme song from the little we can hear of it. Couldn't they have remixed the original one like the Nickelodeon TMNT did with their opening credits??

#FanGame Wednesday - Daisy's Quest

Holy Moley!

Some fans have started working on a Princess Daisy fangame. And it actually looks pretty nice if you ask me. Badass even!

This looks so much fun - can't Nintendo see the potential in fun spinoffs like this instead of all these Mario Parties, Soccers or whatever? Hopefully they won't pull off the plug on this project...

Credits go to The Artrix.