Friday, May 19, 2023

#FightingNEWS Mortal Kombat 1 - Official Announcement Trailer

 Following the recent modern trilogy of Mortal Kombat games which introduced a lot of time travel shenanigans and retconning stuff, we ended the last game with SPOILER ALERT Liu Kang resurrected as a Fire & Ice God and Raiden stripped of his immortality. 

Now we're going back in time for an alternate Mortal Kombat 1 (again..). At least it does look really good.

Check it out!

I actually really wanna check out the plot goes on.. but I feel like we're stuck in MK 1-3 era forever these last few games.. I kinda want to see the villains and characters of the 3D era of MK games at some point return as well..

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

#HorrorNEWS Five Nights At Freddy's | Official Teaser

 Blumhouse did it! 

 The FNAF movie trailer is here! And it does look pretty good and faithful! Can't wait!

Movie comes out on October 27.

Friday, April 21, 2023

#KaijuNEWS Godzilla x Kong: Title Reveal

 Did you miss Legendary's MonsterVerse? Well, since the last Covid-released film they kinda slowed down... but here's the next chapter titled :

Who will be the villain? Lots of speculations depending which crowd you hang with. Average Joe youtube comments, kaiju websites/wikias, American blockbuster fans on reddit.. anyway, I've read everything from new original Legendary creations to returning hairy-version MUTOs, Son of Kong-style white-haired Kong, an alien, a Legendary version of a classic Toho monster (Gargantuan, Gigan, Space G, Destroyah even someone mentioning Biollante.. but I don't see that shape turning out to be a plant..)

Notice how this is not titled Godzilla Vs. Kong 2 but Godzilla X Kong.. Hmm.. I'm calling it, an hybrid Kong/Zilla mutant.

#HorrorNEWs INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR – Official Trailer (HD)

 They're still making Insidious films?

..Oh, well. They were actually pretty decent. But it feels like forever has passed since the last one. Let's check it out, the premise sounds intriguing:

Wait and see..

#MusicVIDEO Jack Black - Peaches (Directed by Cole Bennett) The Super Mario Bros. Movie

 Alright, let's try to avoid spoilers for the rest of the world, heh?

This song started as a joke, got put into the film, and is now a perfectly epic music video. Check it out!

#SEGAnews Knux Spinoff is go!

 So apparently the Knuckles spinoff for Paramount+ just started production.


Wait and see...

I like these "live action" Sonic films well enough, but after stuff like the new Mario Bros. Movie, I kinda want to see them reboot Sonic as a pure CGi animated film as well, humans in the plot or not. Think  cutscenes from the Sega games. 

Oh, and slightly base it off the IDW comics for some nice exploration and characterisation.
(Sorry SATAM and Archie fans, but I'm not asking for an adaptation of the French comics, the UK comics or the manga, so let's go with a broader appeal closer to the games - and avoid a certain Ken P. as well..)

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

#MARVELnews Marvel Studios’ The Marvels | Teaser Trailer

 Heh.. you know what? In this geek's own humble opinion...


This looks fun!

I kinda like this trailer alone more than the first film. Good idea to rebrand this sequel as well.

Wait and see...