Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Movie NEWS! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV trailer

Oh my glob...

That new "BayJa Turtles" movie might even be worse than I thought...

*let's try to stay open minded*

Ahem. New TV trailer, showing Splinter, even more of these dumb gigantic Battletoads-esque turtles and more Megan Plastic Fox:

This has "trainwreck of the year" marked all over it.... And we almost got Brett Ratner directing it...

Lens flare! Shaky cams! Obvious CGi is obvious!

But now... taken from the HD version of he previous trailer (on that link above), this movie might actually really suggest there might be a whole (alien?) species of "Ninja Turtles" out there. They might have been waging a war against Utrom/Krang/Kraang-like creatures through what appears to be feudal Japan(??).

From that scene where we have a glimpse at the white-washed Shredder (booo!!):

They even got the 1980s Krang in there!

Well that might sound awesome... are those giant Samurai Turtles fighting an army of ninjas AND Krang-ysh aliens!?! Damn'...


And I tried to be open minded... but it's really hard... this movie is making it really hard to stay "optimist" about another childhood classic getting the generic Hollywood treatment...

CBR Superman Family Adventures


Aw Yeah, Superman comics!

You know how to recognize a good DC Comics book these days? By the lack of the "New 52" label on the cover!

Aw Yeah, Comics!!

Pete Holmes' #StandUp - ABC2 Comedy Up Late

Here's a standup of Pete Holmes at the 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#DoubleFeature - All Is Lost/Gravity

Since you guys and gals seemed to like my review of Wrecked (pageviews-wise), here's a couple of similar films, and some of its biggest and best recent attempts out there.

#Ad - "Gotcha"

Time for a laugh with this funny random Wienerschnitzel Commercial:


Monday, April 14, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! The return of REAL SURVIVAL HORROR!


Shinji Mikami's (and his new studio, Tango Gameworks) game The Evil Within is looking sweet!

Here's a new trailer:

Loving the fact it will actually be based around horror, and less action.

That's exactly what the genre was needing lately. A return to form. Less RE4/5/6. And more survival. And since this is a big budget title for new consoles, I just hope this succeeds and that we will be seeing more titles trying to copy this formula for a change.

Finally a reason to get a "next gen" system?

#AwesomeCosplay Pics of the day: The best Wolverine cosplay you'll ever see

Okay, sorry Hugh/20th Century Fox, but this cosplayer wins. Heck, throw all your Wolverine designs in the garbage, this is how you bring Wolverine to life!!

Source: Image via Anthony May with Anthony May Photography.