Wednesday, October 16, 2019

#DCnews Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans - Exclusive "We Are Titans" Musical Scene

The Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans direct-to-video movie was just released. Here's a random music clip from the film that made me laugh:

Where's Raven, tho? (Yeah, I know, it's a bit from the film, obviously much of the film revolves around both Ravens..)

Monday, October 14, 2019

#Sketch Grouch (Joker Parody) - SNL

With the JOKER film breaking all sorts of records on the big screen right now, here's SNL making a parody of it... with.. Sesame Street's Grouch. It just goes to show how silly the whole gritty realistic JOKER film concept really is.


#CartoonNEWS The Addams Family (2019) Clip "Organ Theme" HD

Scenes like this have been slowly selling me on this film, 'hope it's spooky and cooky enough:

#MovieNEWS Dolittle - Official Trailer

You wondered what he would do after being after Iron Man for so long? Well, it looks like Robert Downey, Jr. will be talking to animals:

Another take on the classic books. There's been so many of these films once you start looking into it...

#DisneyNEWS Official Trailer: Disney’s Jungle Cruise - In Theaters July 24, 2020!

After the age of Disney live action remakes, are we entering the age of the Disney theme park rides movies?

We already had Pirates of the caribbean and the Haunted house movies... But they weren't explicitly about the rides themselves.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise on the other hand..?

Well, at least we have The Rock in this. Who seems to be doing the same movie all the time...

Saturday, October 12, 2019

#HorrorNEWS THE TURNING Official Trailer (2019) Finn Wolfhard, Mackenzie Davis Movie HD

This looks interesting...

Looks like the kid from Stranger Things is already getting typecast in the horror genre...!

#CartoonNEWS Onward | Official Trailer

The trailer for the new Pixar movie looks pretty fun, actually!

I'm telling it now, the dad doesn't end up coming back, and it's a story about accepting loss and grieving.

Also, I'm sold on the Tom Holland/Chris Pratt voicing duo!