Thursday, November 15, 2018

#FinalFantasy PlayStation Experience 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer | PS4

First up lemme say:
There hasn't been any news update regarding the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake. Hey, it's coming from the FFXV team! You might as well expect it for 2025!

Speaking of...

I was looking back again at the ol' PlayStation Experience 2015's preview of Final Fantasy VII Remake ... and noticing it's basically going to be a Final Fantasy XV's take on FF7.. which actually I'm all for! (plus I'll simply keep on replaying the original if I wanna enjoy the original controls+graphics+music)

Damn.. alright, this is making me hurt a bit, just thinking I will have my first grey hairs when they finally release it..

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

#DisneyNEWS Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

Prepare to cry for a fork!

A sentient fork?? How does that even work...! The questions this sequel will raise will retcon all the Toy Story franchise!!

#MusicBOX Eric Idle - "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" - STEREO HQ

I feel like we all need to listen to this song right now...

#RIP Stan Lee

The Man, the Legend... Stan THE MAN Lee has passed away...

He's a legend of the industry. He's responsible (along Jack Kirby, Steven Ditko and others..) for creating some of the most recognizable cult classic comic book characters such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Spider-Man and countless others...

Stan was fighting pneumonia for a while now, he died at age 95.

We will all miss his legendary cameos that cemented his image to the mainstream audience.

A lot of warm words from people he interacted with.

A lot of us growing up reading comics felt particularly close to his unique voice. And we will all miss The Man...

#DCnews Aquaman actually... kinda looks fun + Also some bpCW Superman

Aquaman's been looking pretty good in the last few official posters:

It's a big departure from how Zack Snyder originally presented Aquaman (or the whole DC "murderverse" to be honest..):

It looks bright, it looks colorful, it looks fun. And I hope the actual movie follows suit (and we don't end up with another Suicide Squad... yikes!). Here's the rest of the cast:

Black Manta is absolutely perfect! And how come I didn't know Willem Dafoe was in this movie?!?

And while we're on the subject of DC Comics, the CW just released this pic to reveal their Lois Lane to appear in a later episode of the show Supergirl:

Very Christopher Reeves/Richard Donner Superman, I love it! They even gave her the same outfit that doesn't seem particularly appropriate to hang out in a cold fortress of solitude.. Also a way to announce how different their take is from  the Man of Steel-universe.

Monday, November 12, 2018

#MovieNEWS POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer

Goddammit, they actually made this film?!?! Who actually wants to see creepy "pseudo-realistic" CGi Pokémons next to hunan actors for a whole film!!! All this weird uncanny valley unfunny humor, etc. What a waste of Ryan Reynolds' voice too!!

...Alright, , I now have to see this movie.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

#Interview John Carpenter on Rob Zombie's Halloween and Horror Remakes

I loved the new Halloween film. In fact, I even originally planned to make a new blog review of it.

Anyways, here's Carpenter talking about the previous Rob Zombies remake/reboot films:

#GamingNEWS MediEvil – Announce Trailer | PS4

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! This remake/remaster (?) is looking pretty friggin' nice!

I cannot wait for this one! Bring more PSX-PS4 remakes!



Here's the perfect video for this season! Enjoy how epic and outrageous this amazing music video is!


Awesome manly video courtesy from the crew at THE MERKINS.