Saturday, December 20, 2014

CBR Mutant Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red


Since these last couple of years there wasn't any new Jingle Belle comics, let's review the next best thing to slightly tie into "Tis the Season".

Let's head outside the North Pole, and have a look at Mutant, Texas.

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ComicPageOfTheWeekend: Wolverine and the Lupines (aka why so many feral mutants have that identical Wolverine hairTM)

(Click for bigger pic)

Wolverine #53 © Marvel Comics

ComicPanelsOfTheWeek: I am sorry. I was not built to comfort.

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Sonic X © Archie Comics

Friday, December 19, 2014

#ShortAnimation - GAINAX' Daicon Intros

If like me you're a fan of animation or have been following the fantastic JDrama series Aoi Honoo/Blue Blaze this year, here's the animated shorts made by Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Yamaga and Takami Akai that would help launch the animation studio GAINAX back in 1981 & 83!

The first opening animation was basically made by them when they were all still students and amateur animators. Made for the Japanese SF convention Daicon III. It was a short "story" that payed tribute to the classic Japanese (and Western) SF genre. It's huge successed at the time was what helped establish Gainax. It's successort for Daicon IV 2 years later was in fact the first official work for Gainax as a studio. The second one is a bit more random and features a ton of references/parodies (including the likes of Godzilla, Tie-Fighters, Superman, Spider-man, etc.). It's more random but seriously more impressive and just shows how professional they already were at the time.

Here's both original classic piece of historic animations:

The beginnings of GAINAX right here...

#Marvel NEWS! Spider-Woman gets a new look

You probably already saw that - but Marvel's giving Spider-Woman (the original one!) her first new costume since she her debut in 1977!

Honestly? After the first "surprise" has passed, I think it looks neat. She still has some trademark aspects from her old costume in there (the color, the "webs", the yellow symbol). It looks neat and modern-ysh.

Let's be clear, the idea was clearly to "surf" on DC's new Batgirl look, that's why Marvel went with this artist to revamp their character. This new look was designed by artist Kris Anka.

It loses some "super hero" spandex look and trade it for a more casual approach/Agent of SHIELD kind of thing.

Retractable webs! Ha!

Explained this way, I wasn't entirely sold on it. But I just love the way it reminds me of Hawkeye current "Hawkguy" look, which I love.

Nice work, Marvel!

Since her new appearance on both her own series and Spider-verse event will happen a few months from now, this costume will make its first appearance in the mobile game Spider-Man Unlimited first (which I've been really enjoying lately):

Source: USA Today

#MusicBOX - Guardians of the Galaxy – Hooked on a Feeling - Mikey Bustos (Acapella)

Here's a fun, hilarious and awesome acapella cover of Hooked on a Feeling, with appropriate Guardians of the Galaxy cosplaying!

Okay, all kinds of silly, but pretty awesome as well!