Friday, May 24, 2024

#MovieNEWS BEVERLY HILLS COP 4 Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

 So Bad Boys' having a 4th film after all these years? Amateurs..

Here's BEVERLY HILLS COP 4!! HELL YEAH!! And I kinda actually find this trailer pretty good and better than part 3 already.

Bring Axel Foley!!

#MovieNEWS BAD BOYS 4 RIDE OR DIE Final Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

A 4th Bad Boys!  I kinda dig these dumb Bad Boys films. I actually think the 2nd film's better than the first, much more crazy in its Michael Bay-ism compared to the first one. And the 3rd one was fun and decent, if a bit forgettable.

Here's the new one, Will Smith seems back in the game but I feel like Martin Lawrence's getting a bit tired..?


#MovieNEWS BEETLEJUICE 2 Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

New Beetlejuice Beetlejuice just dropped...and... I think I like the way this is shaping up.

Winona Ryder is looking wonderful, Michael Keaton didn't skip a beat, and I like the look into the world-building. Was that a death train? Anyways, here's the new trailer:

Movie's coming up sooner than I thought too, september!

Thursday, May 23, 2024

#MarvelNEWS DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE "Giant Man" Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) 2024 | Deadpool 3

 I'm so hyped for more Deadppol. And more Wolverine - in costume! This looks pretty darn good. Here's a new trailer:

And Ryan Reynolds also uploaded this random awesome "fake" commercial on his yt channel, enjoy:


#MovieNEWS A QUIET PLACE DAY ONE Extended Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) 2024

I admit.. this new Quiet Place movie looks neat. But since we're getting a new director here, I dunno how I feel about this.. I hope they keep the same tone and mood. Or it will end closer to Bird Box.. yikes..


 Are you hyped for the new Planet of the Apes, the 4th one in the reboot series? I know I am!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

#MarvelNEWS Deadpool & Wolverine | Trailer

 New Deadpool trailer just dropped.

And HOLY MOLEY it looks AWESOME! Can't wait!!

Let's fucking GOOOOO!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2024

#MovieNEWSTrap | Official Trailer

The trailer for the latest Shyamalan film just dropped!

Trap |- A father and teen daughter attend a pop concert, where they realize they’re at the center of a dark and sinister event. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, “Trap” stars Josh Hartnett, Ariel Donoghue, Saleka Shyamalan, Hayley Mills and Allison Pill. 

Check it out:


What a twist! The dad's the Butcher?? Did the trailer spoil the entire film.. or is that only the beginning of the film? Or did he think he trapped the Butcher and he's a good guy.. or.. Is the daughter the one trapping them? Aliens? People in weird disguises? Time travel?!

A..alright. Not as grand as some of his more recent films, but looks great, slightly less confusing as his mid-films. Plot twist? Coming from miles away! Wait and see..

Saturday, April 13, 2024

#Ad Segata Sanshiro GO Sega 60th Anniversary Advert #GOSEGA

 Ha.. The Sega Saturn, the classic beloved underrated Sega console. And what can you even say about the legendary commercials with Segata Sanshiro... Did you know they brought him back for one more ad during the celebration #GOSEGA for Sega's 60th Anniversary?

That's right, one more additional ad for this awesome "icon" of the Sega Saturn, this time starring his actual real life son in this new generation ad... check it out:

Wow! He even gets ejected into Saturn! I got a tear in my eye... let's replay the Segata Sanshiro minigame compilation on the Saturn...