Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#AwesomeCosplay Vid of the day: Attack On Tokyo

D Piddy is back (remember him? from those awesome Deadpool convention videos!)

Only this time he left Deadpool, Marvel Comics and US conventions for... Japan, Attack on Titans and having fun around in Toyko dressed as the Colossal Titan!!!


Check this out, it's hilarious:

And back in the US, a bonus video:

Monday, July 28, 2014

MR:Quickies Universal Monsters films

Time to go back to the classics!

Let's dig into not one but six all-time classic Universal Monsters films! Those are not the only "Universal Monsters" out there, and I'm only having a look at one of the beloved sequels.

To be precise, this is a look into a "Complete Collection" that was released a few years back, which was based on the old VHS release and is also sort of similar to the recent Bluray Collection.

#SDCC News! Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Here's the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5! The border around the video? The good folks at The Walking Dead And More hat to put it so the video won't be taken down. You know, since AMC RANDOMLY decided to block their official trailer video outside the USA. (I will never understand why people do that to FREE publicity, you know, like trailers hyping the fans? sigh..)

#AwesomeCosplay Pics of the day: SDCC Star Trek bunny gals

Here's an awesome cosplay pic of the day, these charming ladies did a Star Trek-themed bunny s.... WAITAMINUTE!?!

Is that Grant Imahara from MythBusters!?!?

#SDCC News! Avengers 2 Poster

Speaking of Marvel, they just released an epic-scale poster for Avengers: Age Of Ultron, which could be seen at their panel and other places:

Sure, having Hawkeye in there and Black Widow is starting to feel less and less probably. But, hey, it looks nice! And sort of reminds me of those full-spread comic pages!

Look at how cool Hawkeye is, like "Sigh. Robots. Again".

#SDCC News! So they're making a Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon Series now?

To be honest, this was both completely unexpected from Marvel, and yet to be expected from Disney.

This Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series will air on Disney XD. And you know what that means?

Instead of the badass way they were introduced on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes:

..What we're gonna get will no doubt be closer in style and tone to Ultimate Spider-man (as to connect these different brands):

Maybe they'll keep the artstyle but twist the designs a bit closer to the movie/current comics.

#SDCC News! Hellblazer Constantine is coming...

There's a new Constantine trailer, courtesy from the Comic-Con. And. It looks. FANTASTIC!

Check it out:

The show will start October 24th!!

#SDCC News! Mad Max: Fury Road trailer!!

A lot of fun stuff have come out of this year's Comic-Con.

Such as the first look at the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, and this "sequel" (not reboot!!) is still coming from the original Mad Max trilogy director, George Miller!

Is it only me, or is Fury Road taking some cues from the id Software game Rage, itself inspired originally by Mad Max to begin with??

#SDCC News! Arrow Season 3 trailer!

Roy Harper as Arsenal! Ray Palmer! Katana! And now finally Ra’s al Ghul!

This Season 3 of Arrow is looking more and more packed with DCU stuff!