Thursday, January 17, 2019

#MOVIEnews Ghostbusters (2020) - Official Teaser Trailer | Jason Reitman

Wait...!!! WHAT!! WHAT!?!?? What is this!?! A new Ghostbusters film!!!??

Not a sequel to the recent reboot! Not a proper Ghostbusters 3! But instead another attempt to reboot the franchise, this time it's closer to a "soft reboot", a modern continuation of the original films, with a brand new cast, only taking into account the originals.

I still say the Ghostbusters 2016 film had a great cast, but a poor choice of a director for such a unique mix of horror, fantasy and comedy. The actress were fantastic in my eyes. But making it a reboot trapped the film into basically remaking the original first film to the point.

I have big hopes for Jason Reitman's film. Afterall, he's the son of the original director. Let's hope his cast will be a nice mix of unknown new faces (men and women alike) as well as some older familiar ones...

#MusicBOX The Casts of Hamilton Perform The Hamilton Polka

Awesome remix!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

#MarvelNEWS SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer (2019)

Woah!! The first Spider-Man Far From Home trailer is already out?

I thought Marvel would want to wait after Avengers Endgame for this one! It's not even like these type of movies actually even need trailers to get people in the seats in the first place.


I think I really enjoy this unique Peter/Aunt May dynamic. Really different compared to other interpretations of Spider-man. And I see they're finally calling Michelle MJ this time! Also NICK FURY!! And I dig the Noir-esque SHIELD uniform.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#CartoonNEWS Steven Universe - Battle of Heart and Mind (Hour Long Special Promo)

Steven Universe's current batch of episodes are ramping up to one epic hour-long special!

Here’s the promo for the Steven Universe hour long special!

It airs Monday, January 21st on Cartoon Network! Can't WAIT!!!

Monday, January 7, 2019

#CartoonNEWS Carmen Sandiego | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

She's not heading a game show anymore, but she's still running around Lupin III-style, Carmen Sandiego is back with a random new Netflix cartoon series!

Check it out:

Everybody asks "WHERE is Carmen Sandiego?", but nobody asks "WHO is Carmen Sandiego?" The iconic woman in red returns for new international capers and a peek into her past. Featuring Gina Rodriguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as Player, Carmen Sandiego infiltrates Netflix on January 18!
I'lldo you one better, Netflix, WHY is Carmen Sandiego?!

#CartoonNEWS Boomerang | Coming in 2019 | New Looney Tunes | Rock the Rock - Axl Rose

Speaking of Looney Tunes, we're getting more episodes of the retooled New Looney Tunes series. And who's better than Axl Rose (!!??!) to let us know more episodes are coming, courtesy from this little sneak peak:

Coming soon in 2019!

#DeletedScenes "Skate Jam"... whaAAAT??

Forget about all these rumors, planned and attempts at a Space Jam 2, Skate Jame is where it's at! Come on, and jam!

Tony Hawk brought this little tidbit the other day:

"in 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film tentatively titled “Skate Jam.” They were bringing back Looney Tunes with “Back In Action” & then wanted to start on my project immediately. A week later Back In Action bombed & Skate Jam was shelved forever"
So it sounds we almost got a third live-action/cartoon mix Looney Tunes film... Aw man.. They should have tried doing this one in the middle of the 90s to early 2000s..

Source: Courtesy from tonyhawk's twitter page.

#Randomz Go look for a job...dressed like a One Piece character!?

This is not a teaser for a japanese One Piece film. Instead it's just an ad for a job research agency.

But the fun part is that they used some actually famous actors and pretty good costumes... Like, "looking for a job" is like "looking for the one piece treasure"... ? (That's a pretty bad message.. isn't finding the one piece basically impossible and a never-ending quest?)

Posted by Oricon , this video stars actor Takumi Saitoh as Luffy, model Rika Izumi as Nami, comedian Daigo Yamamoto as Usopp, actor Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as Zoro and actor Yosuke Kubozuka as Sanji.

And here's the video:

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

#BestOf Fringe s05e01 ending (Yazoo - Only you)

#HappyNewYear 2019 everyone!!

Let's start of the year with one of my all-time favorite TV show scenes, from one of my favorite series:

Amazing iconic use of a licensed song. John Noble should have won an award for this sequence alone! And I'm not even kidding.

I miss this show...