Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My ratings? HowDoesItWork???

Hello there fellow...huh..bloggers(?)!

Today, before publishing my first Blogspot review, I've decided to explain how I will rate games/movies/comics/whatever on my page!

First of all, something really annoys me with most reviews nowadays...
For example, in gaming sites.
You know, when they can't decide or tell you cleary if something is just fun or bad, and will show you ratings in PerCent. %. Yep.

I prefer to have a system simpler and more evident. Like say, a game is good. Or bad but still enjoyable! (not every single game should be an AAA-list blockbuster! Like in movies!...Let's try to stay focused here, 'kay?)

Having a ratings-system based on 100 or 20 or even "out of ten" has the simple problem or forcing you to compare games amongst them! And a game may have say 82% in a review and be great simplistic cliché FPS but your classic very smart adventure game may have only 79% even if it says on the review "pros:the best adventure game in ages. cons: can be pretty difficult".

So that's why I prefer a bolder and logical simpler system. But then, you may say, we can also compare games.. Yeah. BUT just sayin' it's good, fun if you like these kinds of games, bad (or awful). It's almost as a "THUMBS UP!"/"THUMBS DOWN" system! But a bit more precise, cause some stuff may be "BAD", not on our current standards, but still fun! Someone tells me the game Army of Darkness is awful and I'll throw him out of a building! It's B-movie like, I know it isn't perfect, you know it isn't perfect, nobody nor the developers pretended that, but it is still fun and plenty o'charm!

Anyway, that's all I had to say for now. Below: a picture is worth a thousand words.

(I'll use this 0 to 3 levels for GAMES, COMICS, MOVIES and any other stuff I may talk about on this blog)

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  1. Preach it, Brutha! (Dunno why I said that)

    I recall a bad game that's good was the video game adaptation of Home Improvement (TV Sitcom starring Tim Allen). While it has the main star Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor looking for his tools in jungles and fighting robots with his tools and all, people say that it's pretty much a depiction of the kind of game Tim would make starring himself. And from the footage I saw, I quite agree! (And that would make a bad game more fun when you think of it like that)