Thursday, April 15, 2010

VGR Prince of Persia

This review's about the original Retro 2D Prince of Persia, not the Sands of Time trilogy or the 2008 one!
(separate reviews for those)

Anyway it's a great game!
 The megadrive port (genesis for you USAdudes!) has some memorable BGM for me and lots of other retrogamers :P

Yet, I still prefer the Dos or Mac original old school version of the game!
Noone beats the original! NEVAAH!!

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VGR: Prince of Persia
From Jordan Mechner
Played on Megadrive
Also available on Every single gaming system ever!!

Type Action/Sidescrolling platformer
Year 1989/1993

This one's a classic! It has been released for almost every machine available (snes,ipod,wii...).
It's the very first exploration-platformer which inspired games such as tomb raider...

I'll base this review on the Megadrive version (genesis in the US) which isn't very different from the snes version. If you grew up with either of these systems, you'll prefer one version over the other... but really, it isn't that different.
(myself, I still prefer the original Dos game created by Jordan Mechner over any remakes or ports)

Let's start!
You are the prince, who's trying to find his way back to his girl after "Jaffar" threw him in the dungeon...

The game is all about exploration, playing with switches & jumping around everywhere.
Who knew Persians princes invented parkour so many moons ago?!...

It isn't just your regular action plateformer like Mario or an arcade one like Sonic. It's all about precision, accuracy, right jumps and backtracking your steps.

You'll die a lot.

There's often many different way to end a level, like I said, it's about exploration, finding the correct path...

Or you'll die trying...

The "game" will only take you one hour, but like any good retro game, you know you'll spend days trying!

And you will die some more...

Let's recap!

Very interesting concept, original levels/design/music. Good music on the SNES and MD ports.
Stay the heck away from the animû-Mega Cd (sega cd) manga-ysh port.

(3D) Modern remakes were made a lot easier, bad point for retro gamers :'(

I give it:

 3 / 3 Bruces !
3 Bruces = a must play, 2 give it a try
is a bad game, and 0 run from it!

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