Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CBR:Quickies Deadpool reviews part 1

"Hi guys, kids and gals of all ages! Crazy unc' Deadpool here! Yeah, the real deal, not some random guy on the internet writing as the character Deadpool to try sounding funny all that crap!
I finally get to review some of my very own books here while Eyz is away preparing some new comic strip drawing that nobody cares about! How fun's that?! Well, let's deep into a bunch of different era-Pool stories in what I decided to call "CBR:Quickies Deadpool reviews part 1" yeah, that's a mouthful.
What can I do, that's this site's conventions..."
-W.W., merc with a mouth

"Mmmh... lemme check my diary... a'right! Here it is!

I was created during the awesome extreme period of comics called the "nineties".
My first appearance was in New Mutants #98 in 1991, were I was conceived by a non-gay couple of parents called Rob Liefeld (artist) and Fabian Nicieza (writer).
It was all great and all that...'xcept it wasn't all that great and all that in fact.. It was a pretty boring issue, from a New Mutant's point of view were all days were very intense extreme.
I was at first a random mercenary thrown in against Cable and his merry company of New Mutants.

Then, instead of creating a thousand more extreme foes for the so-called New Mutant, Nicieza decided to give me a personality and a background in my very own mini-series. People loved me, yadda yadda, new mini, blabla, a regular on-going series, the internet came and loved me and BLAM! now I'm your cult favorite lovin' Merc' with a Mouth!

What's the point in all this? I dunno, the usual joe, Eyz not Joe, used to write an intro in his reviews, before I splashed his brains all over the keyboard.
(Don't worry kiddos, I'm a fictive character, everything I say can and will be held against you, no real killings were involved in this review).

Anyway, let's check my books quickly, I gut' something in the microwave!
Let's make this quick, short and nice, like I do my lovin' between contracts!
I'll only review a little bunch o' books this time, cause I'm lazy and this will serve as a template for future CBR:Quickies (whatever that means!).

Oh, and also, buy my books dammit! Comic book characters only live in those, so not buyin' them is killin' us!! You murderers!!"

Comic title: Deadpool Classic: Volume 1
Written by Fabian Nicieza & Joe Kelly
Art by Rob Liefeld, Ed McGuinness,...
Format: Trade collecting New Mutants #98, The Circle Chase, Deadpool vol. 2, and Deadpool vol. 3 #1

-Sigh- My very first comic book series are collected in this book! My first appearance, were Liefeld describes all the muscles in the human body in morse code. God I looked...stunning in that era..
Oh and my first two limited series, which were pretty cool. They introduced a past, a character and a Deadpool cast all rolled up into a couple of pages! And, hey! I talk! And I'm funny! Thanks daddy Nicieza you're the best! And the very first issue of my very first on-going comic book series! But daddy, where did you run off to?! And who's this joe, "Joe Kelly", writing me now?!

Overall: The Merc with a Mouth born! This classic golden age literature as its place next to Hamlet, Watchmen and the friggin' first issue of Howard the Duck!
The beginnings are a mere tip of the larger iceberg of what I will become someday! (still waiting for it to happen!)
The writing Fabian Niciezais great and gives me a voice like no other dude in spandex ever had!
A must check/read! Oh, and Joe Kelly is a great follow-up writer to Nicieza, writing me with mostly the same energy and crazy voice! And that Ed McGuinness sure can mix cartoony designs and serious heroic comic book badass! I'm sure he will grow up into a popular artist (or end up stuck drawing the Hulk or sumthin'...)

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Cable & Deadpool Volume 1: If Looks Could Kill 
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Mark Brooks & Patrick Zircher
Format: Trade collecting Cable & Deadpool #1-6

A regular on-going series later and a "reboot" under the name Agent X later, Nicieza decides to give me another go!
This time he brings up the guns, the big guns, the other Rob Liefeld co-creations; Cable!
This new on-going series is all that is good about me, fun violent action and smart sass.
And all that is good about Cable, huh..something something... Oh and messiah complexes and providence, whatever it is supposed to mean...
This new mix of humor/action/plotting starts off pretty strong with a cult of blue smurf-people. Yep. BLUE. PEOPLE. And no, there isn't a pandora-like off world sequence. I kick blue guys' ass, Cable kicks some as well, we end up mixed and off we go to our new adventures!~

Overall: Fantastic debut! Oui oui, merci beaucoup, monsieur dames.
Nicieza knows how I work and has fun with both me and Cable.
It doesn't take itself too seriously (at least in this early run) and is a very fun read!
Perfect starting point, no need to either knows us or the larger "Marvel U". (that's Marvel Universe! not the Marvel University!! though I would check a book about this other Marvel U if it existed... Syrin in a school uniform...mmmh...)

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion 
Written by Daniel Way
Art by Paco Medina
Format: Trade collecting Deadpool vol. 4 #1-5.

After a brief test run of yours truly in a couple issues of Wolverine Origins, Daniel Way resurrects my title series under his writing. Which isn't good. But, hey, at least he's got me back on the map! (which would result in Deadpools appearing everywhere, yeah, literally everywhere!!)
Anway, in this new beginning, I encounter Skrulls, those alien bastards Marvel been using again lately, ends up the Skrull Invasion all by myself (but nobody seems to notice since only Osborn is supposed to come out as a winner after that event)...
Oh, and I have a new gimmick, thanks to Awesome-Way, I now have two distinct voices in my head. Wassup with that? Am I crazy, huh..I mean, crazier now? White-narration boxes and yellow-narration boxes? Things seemed so simple back in the day... What's with the complex story-telling, the goofy jokes and the stupid Deadpool-vision? I remember being crazy but pretty smart when it comes to merc'ing. (is that a word, merc'ing?)
Now I'm just a buffon! I don't even like Osborns!!

Overall: Pretty...bad debut! Specially if you've been following previous titles!
Is that supposed to be a joke, I mean the crazy/goofy pool-o-vision?
I've never been this stupid before! I couldn't take on T-Ray, Taskmaster nor Cable himself one-on-one now!
I heard this Daniel Way-guy never sticks up pretty long with a book and usually leaves off writing duty when the plot's messy enough and the holes untreatable (see the current Ghost Riders series for that~), hopes he leave me alones before the end of the world! (that's 2012, by internet standards)
The 'Pool is back, with less Death, less sense and over a very complex Marvel Universe (if you ain't followed the current state of the Marvel U, chances are you will be as lost as I on this book!)

I give this one a: 1.5 / 3 Score!

"And that's all for now! See you next time, true believers-
Same Pool-channel, Same Pool-hour!"
-W.W., merc with a mouth

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That's all for this time's Quickies!


  1. I didn't know you were a blogger, Deadpool. (Though that doesn't surprise me, oddly enough).
    And early Deadpool comics are some of my favourites. I need to buy C&D comics some day. Wasn't there some stories written by Gail Simone as well?

  2. Hiya there, lil' internet guy!

    Whaaaat? Didn't ya notice that I already used to answer my own mails in my very on-going comic series?!
    Well, not anymore, since big Joe and Daniel Way's been controlling and deciding my fate... oh well...

    Simone?! Oh, I do remember that guy... still havin' nightmares about the guy...hur... he always gave me the heebie jeebies, like a bad burrito or sumthin'...

  3. Like "Deadpool" here (kinda) said, Gail Simone did came out on the book later on, and was a leadin' force on the further "adventures" of the pool.

    Anyway, I'll be posting more Deadpool reviews later on ;)
    Checkin' the later runs and the current series as well!

    Hey Frob, did you like this "Deadpool" review this time around?
    I kinda wanted to change the formula a bit :'3
    'havin' fun with teh blog!

  4. AHA! Caught ya!!! Yer not Deadpool! Deadpool would know that Gail Simone, excellent writer of Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, is a woman!!! YOU'RE BUSTED!!!

    Oh yeah! Sure gave me a laugh, reading these reviews done in a different manner of style.

  5. Okay Simone, are you a girl or just french or something?
    Whaddya mean the Pool has to know its writers? D'you think I'm just a geek like you guys? I'm the MERC with a mouth, MERC, as in "merc'in'" (seriously though, is that a word? if not, well, it's should be! Who must I kill to make it one?)

  6. Ha!
    Like the guy's really Wade Wilson!
    I'm the REAL Wade Wilson, that's guy's a fraud!

  7. Ha! Like those two are the real Deadpool, I'm the real "Merc with a Mouth"!

  8. You guys can suck it!!

    The real Deadpool?! You guys are both frauds!
    I'm the real one! Or the clone of the real one... I don't remember... Have I been retconned already or what?!