Sunday, October 24, 2010

CBR Dr. Horrible

You watched the webisodes and love both the DVD and CD of Dr. Horrible?
Well, here's more of Captain Hammer, Moist, Bad Horse and all the others!

Comic title: Dr. Horrible and other Horrible Stories
Written by Zack Whedon
Art by Joelle Jones, Jim Rugg, Farel Dalrymple, Eric Canete

Published by Dark Horse Comics
From 2010
Lineup Dr. Horrible
Format: Trade paperback containing Dr. Horrible #1, all three digital comics from MySpace Dark Horse Presents and a new original sixteen-page one-shot.

When you want to start off a media franchise, most of the times companies go to Dark Horse Comics for the comic book part.
That's what Joss Whedon did with his Firefly/Serenity and Buffy series.

Since Dr. Horrible was such a huge hit with fans and went on  to win several awards... he couldn't let this untapped idea full of potential go to waste...

This comic is sort of a Dr. Horrible's prequel

The Dr. Horrible comics started first with 3 tie-in comics published online on Dark Horse's page and collected in omnibus collection full of other online comics called MySpace Dark Horse Presents...
Then a one-shot was published as a stand alone comic.
This Trade Papaerback collects all that, one new original story and connects all stories through a larger plot.

All are written by Zack Whedon, the art used in all these comics are all quite distinct, mostly cartoony and the main characters for story really stand out and are quite recognizable.
There's also a great introduction by the cast & crew of the live version of Dr. Horrible.

Bad Horse! Bad Horse! Bad Horse, He’s Bad!

Who is this comic for?
Well, mostly fans of Dr. Horrible.
The stories go to a great lenght of creating a background to each characters...but you'll be lost in all this probably if you're not familiar with them..

All the stories happen and are constructed around a signing of Captain Hammer in the park.
It happens just before the movie itself, before Horrible receives his invitation to the Evil League of Evil and finishes his Freeze Ray.
One story covers Captain "Nathan Fillion" Hammer and his reaction to fans and villains, another why Penny was so alone, the secret origin of Moist and why he joined Horrible, Doc' Horrible's background and hatred for heroes and finally a special tale of the Evil League and Bad Horse.

All stories are pretty good and in the same spirit of the movie (well...minus the singing..).
It's a very nice way to start off a little expanded universe for this, now, media-franchise and perfect to read while awaiting for the recently announced Dr. Horrible 2!

Overall, a nice, decent enough, Dr. Horrible comic series!
They're perfectly in tone with the actual Dr. Horrible movie, Zack Whedon took specially care of the characters' portrayal.

The birth of the archenemies-dynamic between Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible is well presented and thanks to the different character tales, well structured.

A good read for fans, non-fans might check it out if they're curious about these characters.
Read it if you sound interested by all of this!~

I give it:
  2 / 3 FlamingCarrots!

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