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CBR Galacta: Daughter of Galactus


Here's a new comic review!
Something unexpected I hope.

What looked like a silly idea turned out...pretty good?

Comic title: Galacta: Daughter of Galactus
Art by Hector Sevilla Lujan
Story by Adam Warren 

Published by Marvel
From 2010
Lineup /
Format: One shot collecting Galacta's segment from Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2 and all3 Galacta digital comics.

I know what you're thinking right now.
Galactus, the mighty World-Devourer, has a daughter?!
What is this? A parody comic? A what if../Elseworld story? A Marvel Ultimate/MC2/something else comic?

Well, not at all.
It's an actual story about Galactus' daughter living on our big blue planet Earth.

Meet Galacta.
Daughter of Galactus!
Galactus' Little Girl!
The World-Eater's Daughter!
Or simply put Gali.

This is the story of Gali as she struggles every day to not give in her hunger and eat our whole biosphere.

The concept and character first appeared in a one shot called Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular alongside other one off ideas. (Mini Marvels, etc..)
It was just a mean for writer Adam Warren to play with the more cosmic aspect of Marvel, beautifully rendered under Hector Sevilla Lujan's artwork and colors.
It's a bit manga-influenced in the portraits, sort of like Udon comics, but has a very nicely painting rendering.

Anyhoo, re: the certain doom of Earth’s biosphere: 
I continue to do my best to prevent it, 
but even Cosmic Awareness has its limits, K? 

The story is pretty fun, and as silly it may sound, has some depth to it.
Gali spends most of her time looking at our world under her semi- godlike nigh-omniscient cosmic eye.

She seems to be rather fond of our planet's customs and loves twitter
That's right, it play a part in the story.
Since her original appearance and through her digital Marvel comics, Galacta stories use twitter as plot gimmick. Her current mood and impressions along the story could be seen over there "in real life".

Her official twitter.

Which plays the part of exposing another aspect of her personality and where "she" even took time to answer some fan-questions. (in her very own semi- godlike nigh-omniscient cosmic-like way)

Marvel rule for publishing comics: If the comic isn't Spider-man or Wolverine, always have either spider-man or Wolverine drop-by as a cameo.

Even if her original publication was through a special issue and digi-comics, it all comes together nicely in this new self-titled one shot.

Gali has a problem, her hunger grows more and ore very day. She can't just continue eating parasites and alien entities only. A cosmic tapeworm forces her hunger to grow bigger each time.
As she tries to find a solution for her problem (she doesn't want to succumb to her nature and become a mindless World-Eater like daddy G), she meets other Marvel Universe characters.
The guest stars are well integrated in the plot. There's the usual Wolverine appearance, Thor (briefly) and the Fantastic Four. (and the man himself of course, Galactus!)

The story is self-contained, develops and ends up in the same one shot.

It wasn't part of this year's Women of Marvel promotion. (though there's some advertisement and interviews relating to that initiative)
But it really should have been.
It's a lot better, more respectful and smarter than the actual comics that were published under the Women of Marvel brand, specially that god awful X-Women issue....

Overall, Galacta is a great read.
It shows a great funny and strong female character under a quite positive light.

Though the ending twist is quite...unexpected :P

All stories connect into a great bigger on-going adventure as she journeys across the Marvel Universe.

I really recommend you'll give it a try!
Since it was a one shot, you may have to search a bit or buy it online. (and on Marvel Digital comics, not all the story is available there)

I give it:

  2,5 / 3 Howards!

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