Friday, September 30, 2011

CBR Superman/Batman: Metal Men


Here's yet another comic featuring the Metal Men, in their updated incarnation!

This series makes actually their first modern appearance in the modern DCU, specially it is the first time they were actually show again since Will Magnus' role in DC's big crossover epic 52.

In this little 3-issues story arc from the on-going Superman/Batman team-up series, we got to see how the Metal Men currently looked like. And it was here that the newest Metal (wo)men, Copper, appeared first.
Though the plot clearly takes place some time after The Metal Men mini story-wise.
(Some details are left sketch, which Grant Morrison wanted to explore post-52 had he wrote the Metal Men mini himself)

Comic title: Superman/Batman #34-36: Metal Men aka "We, Robots!", "B.I." & "Computer Crash"
Art by Pat Lee & Craig Yeung
Story by Mark Verheiden & Marc Guggenheim

Published by DC Comics
From 2007
Lineup Superman/Batman, Metal Men
Format: Three issues story arc from the Superman/Batman on-going series.

This is actually a filler arc written by Mark Verheiden & Marc Guggenheim, in-between larger stories running in the pages of the Superman/Batman monthly title.
Since its launch by Jeph Loeb, the Superman/Batman has been a great place for various artists and writers, rotating their turn on this series, to explore the relation between Batman and Superman and their place in the larger DCU.

This filler arc sees Batman and Superman colliding against the return of a formidable foe, the return of the OMACs, from an earlier event, and Will Magnus bringing the Metal Men back to the foreground of the scene.

Metallo's back!!

The story opens with Doc. William Magnus, genius scientist, trying to survive in today's economy and make a living.
The problem is that Magnus and his Metal Men are now ruined. Expelled from the limitless resources of sovereign nation Oolong Island.
Now, Will, Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, Copper and Platinum live all under the same roof. With no ways to pay the bills, it's only a matter of time before they cut their electricity.
Will's lab assistant sees only Helen Garin way out, getting rid of the robots.
Magnus wants to recast them as modern heroes, find enough money to rebuild the unfinished Gold who was left bodyless after recent troubles.

After an attack on Waynetech's Research Center by Metallo, Magnus is left with one last idea that might just do it....

The Metal Men attack Waynetech as well!!
But really, they prove themselves to Bruce Wayne being formidable enough to be the answer Wayne and Lucius Fox were searching for.
The Metal Men are body guards and enforcers for Wayne Enterprise!

But was this a good idea, to hire in the "Meta-human" circles to protect a normal building from extra-ordinary situations?

Soon enough, Brainiac enters the scene, the Metal Men get corrupted and a plot to gain complete control of the rogue Human-Robot-hybrid technology of the O.M.A.C. projects throws Batman and Superman in the middle of robotic threats!

 I...Am... BRAINIAC!!

In "A.I.", Superman and Batman are (re)introduced to Will Magnus and the Metal Men (post-Crisis).
The story is fun enough. It's a pretty straightforward story to be honest.

The art by Pat Lee is extremely stylized.
What some might call "fusion" rather than you usual classic comic book superheroes art style.

It works great on the Metal Men shape-shifting abilities. Though Bruce Wayne or Kal-El do look a

The Metal Men are hired as security guards, which is a great set-up for a longer series if you'd ask me.
They go on a rampage and steal a prototype OMAC unit....

Overall, I enjoyed this arc, but it was clearly a filler.
As a fact, it has never been collected in a trade paperback collection as of now.

Nice enough if you want more of the current Metal Men. But could have been better.

I give it:

  1.5 / 3 Plastic-trophies!

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