Thursday, September 29, 2011


New X-men series coming from Marvel, after their latest X-men crossover event (which saw Cyclops confront Wolverine and both breaking the X-men into two groups), from writer JASON AARON....

Taking the title from that great recent X-men cartoon was a smart move~
Though would you let your kids join Wolverine in a, err.., private school??

Naming the school after a dead person, a married woman you used to obsess over...??
Is that creepy or what?
Well, that's perfectly in-character for Wolvie then :P


  1. I'll be reading the title alongside Uncanny X-Men and X-Force. Should read one other title from Cyclops' side, but it's a case of what to read and could I afford one more comic. (Mebbe Generation Hope, which has been pretty good from what I hear)

  2. Also, methinks I should start referring you to many Marvel books in the same vain of you with me regarding DC. Huh huh!

  3. I collect less and less Marvel titles (but on an unrelated note, more and more French "Vent D'ouest" comics). But I do follow the odd Avengers book, Ghost Rider whenever it gets published, Punisher, Deadpool, Thor and some other random picks sometimes.. (I used to follow Hulk closely since his reboot pre-Planet Hulk, but the Red Hulk madness made me stop... )

  4. I hear the latest Red Hulk stories by Jeff Parker has been one of the best runs lately, and I shall look into it and Greg Pak's Incredible Hulks eventually. Thor and Journey into Mystery are also some very good reads, too. And I still recommend Immortal Ironfist and Incredible Hercules highly. I still need to read all the Cosmic Marvel stuff that spun off from Annihilation, since they're supposed to be pretty good, too.