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CBR:Quickies Tom Veitch's Animal Man

If I called Morrison's Animal Man David Lynch-ysh and Milligan's one David Fincher-ysh, Tom Veitch's take is a bit more conventional and straightforward, but just as weird.
It combines a scifi approach with a more supernatural tone. Episodic but still engaging.
I can only really compare it to J.J.Abrams' Fringe TV series.

Anyway Peter Milligan's run on Animal Man saw our hero return to form at the end, with all the weirdness past behind him.
Or so would he.

Let's embark on a journey through about 20 issues, in what I like to casually call "Animal Man vol. 5: Totems and Gods"!

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Tom Veitch and artist Steve Dillon, a personal favorite of mine - you're not hearing the last of this! - then took over for 18 issues.

Our hero Buddy Barker is back to his family.
Taking back his old job as a movie stuntman, Buddy is now stretched thin amongst movie sets, usual superheroics, his family troubles and a whole new bunch of problems related to his powers.

He also starts to embrace the more mystical aspect of his being, what it really all means and how he represents a totemic embodiment of the animal kingdom, like his fellow animal-super powered heroes of the DCU...

Back to his roots but still very much in-line with past Grant Morrison's Animal Man stories

Comic title: Animal Man #33
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

After a mysterious opening, we're back with Buddy who has now returned to work on a set as a movie stuntman. His powers really helping the fx and the realism of the film, no doubt!
Buddy brought his son Cliff on set, to check him at work.
Back on their way home someone attacks Buddy and it ends up harming Cliff..
Buddy is able to track down that guy, Travis Cody, who tries to explain to him he's been killing animals through his connection with the morphogenetic field. And he was only shooting arrows at Buddy so his powers wouldn't kill any more bird nearby.
Back with Ellen she's getting afraid Buddy is losing himself in his powers.
Their daughter Maxine has a strange precognitive dream where she was a giant monster eating everybody.
Later the next day, Buddy is exploring the region with a friend when after seeing another mysterious figure - this series is full of them - a wolverine attacks them! Buddy kills the animal but somehow his hand mutates...
And he can't change it back!

Overall: First page of the issue, a mysterious figure breaks a representation of the "mysterious yellow aliens" who gave Buddy his powers - alongside a shattered B'wana Beast. Then a Grant Morrison inspired figurine is also broken. How more visually literal can you get? The prefer iterations of the characters are shattered and it's up to Veitch & Dillon to rebuild it to their own taste!
Also, very striking cover! From Brian Bolland, as in the past.
Great art overall from Steve Dillon. He's still finding his Buddy a little, but it's already much better than the way he portrayed him as a guest in the previous run.
The cliffhanger was great, the beginning a bit rough but very engaging.

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #34
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

Maxine is having some "typical Animal Man" moments of her own as Ellen finds her eating plushes in her room.
Meanwhile Buddy is still under shock after the way his hand turned out after the wolverine attack in the woods.
The weirdness continues at the Baker's as they found a dead owl on a door.
Is it all Travis Cody's work?
It seems that Maxine really has a strong connection to Buddy's powers.

Buddy finds more dead birds around Travis' home but fails to surprise him, Travis lands a pipe wrench right in his face and abandons him in the woods nearby. The strange invisible shape-thingie appears once more.
Later on Buddy comes back home to find Maxine playing with some rats on her own bed.
Buddy discovers him using his powers has been affecting her lately!
Cody finally gets arrested.
At the end of the issue, A-Man discovers his link to the field has been frying animals while he's been using it without animals nearby.
He's the one that has been really killing the animals.

Overall: Another fantastic issue!
Great characterization of Buddy and his family. Both on the writing and the drawings.
"Every time I fly... Birds die."
Nice of our new duo to continue to explore some details addressed in Morrison's work. (like Buddy's all-new upgraded powers)
I love this cover here, shocking! I imagine the whole issue's been inspired by another past cover from Grant Morrison's run, the "Dark Animal Man" arc probably. (he used to have a fake set of claws at that moment)

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #35
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

"Day of Dread II"
Buddy stares in a new blockbuster, which is perfect to make some quick bucks.
Meanwhile a strange company is experimenting dangerous radioactive products on animals, trying to create mutant meta-humans.

Buddy refuses to fly anymore since he's been frying birds all around of late, all his powers off-synch lately.
But trying to focus on specific nearby creatures seem to do the trick.
He decides to make friends with Cody who isn't really a bad guy really. A bit smelly and hairy, like a late-hippie, but nice. And a real genius!
They team up to understand and experiment Buddy's super-powers.
What are these so-called "Animal Man powers" anyway? Birds don't have "bird power", they fly flapping wings, Buddy doesn't, so...?
Maxine has been seeing a mysterious "Mister Rainbow", kids at that age... just lots of imagination, or is it?...
Starlabs is trying to contact Buddy for some endorsement.
Cody starts to understand that will using powers from the morphogenetic field might or might not harm an animal, taking the proprieties from a little critter nearby works just fine.
Buddy goes to Mexico for a stunt-shoot.
(on a movie that looks like a Predator 1/2-clone)

Overall: Another great issue!
Things are really picking up!
Love the way various plots and sub-plots cross over, it makes the whole experience that much more lively.
Also they're trying to make more sense of Buddy powers, the M-Field, etc. Setting up the characters, developing the family,..
It's kinda slow paced but still very engaging.
And the weirdness is only starting.

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #36
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

Maxine goes to explore the "inside" of her friend Mister Rainbow.
There she finds a strange old native American guy she names All The Animals.

The Big A is still in Mexico, resting at a S.T.A.R Labs before going back home.
That Buck Samson guy really wants some help from Buddy. They monitor endangered species. Though Buddy doesn't trust the guy, big companies playing the saviors of the Earth-card...
Cody is dreaming all about power and getting Buddy to be the most powerful man on the planet.
Our hero returns to San Diego.
But his kids are kinda getting out of touch with the family slowly. Maxine's acting really strange what with all the "Mister Rainbow" this and that. And Cliff is getting less friendly by the minute. Where did it all go wrong?
Maxine has a message from Mister Rainbow for Buddy, he has to "join all the animals..soon". Whatever that means.
Buddy and Cody get organized. With all the money he made from the films, Buddy starts a little Zoo of his own, collecting various species for specific power sets, while Cody tries to make sense of it all.
The old shaman-Native American guy sends his messenger, shown to actually be Mister Rainbow, to Cody to alert him...

Overall: I really enjoyed the direction of the plot.
The whole Animal Man-Zoo for his powers and all. While Batman got a whole Bat-belt with tons of gadgets or Iron Man got various suits for various jobs, all Buddy needs is some critters around. It's pretty different from everything and quite smart actually.
Great solid book, on art, writing.
As the previous ones, must read!

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #37
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

"The Zoo at World's End"!!
San Diego's Favorite Son gets on the street to test his new tactics!
Buddy now has a van were he brings around all the animals he need for his job.
Using animals directly to avoid the M-field needs all his focus.
Cody tries to warn Buddy of his visions, what the higher powers want to tell him.
After all he's been through and done, Buddy doesn't really care about visions of a crazy old biker-dude.
How do Buddy's powers work? Does he generate toes abilities on the go? How and why can he merge with animal's "essence".
Later on Buddy puts on a show for children. With his new connection to nature he's able to bring the best out of nature and wonders everyone.
But "All The Animals" - as Maxine dubbed him" - is getting tired of all this charade so he decides to move on and test Buddy through a puppet.
Which blows up Buddy's power to proportions never seen before, killing all the animals in miles around, in the entire San Diego zoo!

Overall: First off, lemme say, great cover!
Now that's out of the way, very Punisher-y the use of the van! And Travis Cody's his own Microship, right? Plus having Steve Dillon (a notable Punisher artist for a very loooong time of the Marvel Knights series run) just makes the reference all more obvious - and it wouldn't be the last of it!
Great issue, an important turn of the series during this run.
Don't miss it!
All the players are part of it.

I give this one a: 3 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #38
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

The Penalizer's debut!
Who is this guy?
Well clearly a parody of super violent comic book characters such as, and mostly The Punisher.
A nice meta-nod to the medium.
Speaking of which, he's also a fictional character in-story.
Over-sized weapons, strange color palettes, he's just a comic that Cliff and is friend Ace are big fans of.
Buddy gets harassed due to the Zoo incident. Ellen and Maxine leave for Vermont, they'll stay at grandma's. Buddy stays with Cliff. Travis Cody leaves Buddy because something is coming...
Ace and Cliff go on a rampage inside Travis' home, all bent up on rage and whatnot.
Buddy has some troubles with his powers, barely containing them under his sadness to see Ellen and Maxine away. The strange "Mister Rainbow" pops up again, Buddy attacks it

Overall: Great issue, even if it feels getting rid of Ellen and Maxine arbitrary (why only those two? why not just Ellen because of work, or Ellen and both children), it really feels like Veitch wasn't too sure what to do with them...
Nice issue but kinda... I dunno..

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #39
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Dick Giordano & Tom Mandrake
Format: Single issue

A pack of dangerous wolves are attacking the streets!
Buddy's friend Dwayne comes back to check on our hero, what he find he kinda distressing. What's going on with Buddy? Doesn't he care about anything, anymore? Plus he hasn't seen Cliff in a long while..
Cliff decides to leave for San Francisco with a couple of friends.

Life's so much easier and simpler with Animals. Humans are such a load of trouble. Buddy sets the animal free.
And later starts running around naked the city with these wolves!

All Buddy needs is his wife, he misses her, misses her touch, misses her voice.

Overall: Something big is coming up!
The filler artist really...ugh..destroyed the experience for me. It looked lackluster.
Sketchy lines, sketchy faces, inconsistent characters.
Plus nothing much really happened in this issue, Steve Dillon didn't miss much.

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #40
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

A War of the Gods-tie-in!
Which was an event DC Comics ran across various titles in 1991.
But don't worry, Buddy's on the sidelines, barely in touch with the "superhero community".
In his case the only God he might be in touch with is the ones that gave him his powers.

First up two magical DC characters show up, The Phantom Stranger and Doctor Fate try to contact Buddy, but he doesn't care, he only wants Ellen.
"He should have remained with the Justice League".
The mysterious shaman guy is finally able to get his hands on Buddy through a dream.
Their enemy is draining powers from the same M-field and Buddy needs to be ready, and not work alone anymore.
Buddy finds a "Bear Ranch". Near a drowned old city. They're killing the animals...but also turning into them?
What is going on? It's the morphogenetic field! Things are getting out of hand during this "War of the Gods"!
Buddy saves the animals.
Next up "The Stone That Cracked Open The Earth Like An Egg"! If that's not the best closing line you read for a coming up issue, I don't know what this is!

Overall: A tie-in in name only.
Barely affected by the crossover event.
A nice issue, even if the plot seems weird, it's to move things along. Weirdness is coming up, Buddy needs to be ready for the big confrontation.
I never read the actual War of the Gods event only some Wonder Woman segments of it. And I don't need to to get this issue.

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #41
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

Buddy is in Vermont, back to his wife Ellen's arms. They're really causing a lot of trouble for the old granma Ms. Frazier at the farm, flying cows and all.
Travis has met with the old Stone, the shaman who sent him all those visions. But he's only interested in A-Man, he need his powers for something.
Samson from STAR Labs gets back to Travis Cody and bring him onboard thanks to the help of Kami, his lovely assistant. It's that Travis even has an Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, it might come in handy when he'll work for them - which he almost accepts right away. No shamanic visions anymore, no house, it burnt down. He'll help STARS find back Buddy no matter what.
At the farm a mysterious egg is found by the hens, a big blue one. And a Triceratops is born from it!
At one of the gazillion STAR Labs all over the world, Cody discovers the way they're trying to map the DNA of superheroes. He also finds a couple of blank "humanoids" they're experimenting powers on.
Meanwhile at the farm Maxine is playing with the little dinosaur. It seems Maxine is responsible for him, not Buddy. She names him Winky.
In San Fransisco, Cliff seems to be in trouble.
Buddy and Ellen have lots of animal-esque sex in the nature, now perfectly in harmony with the field again.
Buddy has to go, leaves with an eagle to where the source of all trouble is coming from.
The old mystic shaman Stone is glad to finally see Buddy came around.
Even if it took him so long (and so, punches him!)

Overall: One of my all-time covers, now that would make a great print!
Aaaah, Winky the Triceratops, the would be-mascot of the Bakers family! He's going to stay part of the family for a big bunch of issues!
Great issue, picking up the pace again, I'm just sad we get some more fillers after this one instead of keeping on track...

I give this one a: 3 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #42
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by David G. Klein & Mark Badger
Format: Single issue

It's on!
Buddy has a mission to perform!

Cody is in trouble after what he saw in the Labs. As long as he'll stay with them and work for them he should be safe.. for now.
Travis fools around with the girl, Kami.
STARS starts to use their bland-faced humanoid androids They sell a bunch of those, as test run, to some military
Ellen calls "Uncle Dud", the strange distant weird uncle of the family that lives in SF. She asks him to find and keep an eye on Cliff in case there's trouble. But he's already found the boy.
The robots are tested against some soldiers.
But in this same forest a bear seems to be lurking around.
The robots turn bad. And that bear comes to the Frazier farm. And turns out to be Buddy transformed. (or so, it seems)

Overall: Very odd issue, like out of sequence. It doesn't follow-up on the previous one /seemingly)
What happened to Buddy now?
The art is kinda rushed. Dare I say, ugly?
Another bad filler issue...
Everytime you expect to see Dillon's gorgeous semi-realistic/cartoony art and find out another guess artist, it's always so off putting...
Bad filler.

I give this one a: 1.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #43
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

This is the closest we'll get to a Grant Morrison penned issue.

The issue opens with blank.
And then, the yellow-skinned alien figure that rebuilds Buddy Baker into Animal Man, linked with to the morphogenetic field after the explosion of the mysterious crash "back then".
Buddy Baker, rebuild from and into a living totem to the Animal-field. His past life of Buddy, his spirit keeping this living animal template in shape and form.
But was this entire origin story a dream only... or...?
Buddy meets the mysterious native American Ston we've been seeing all these past issues while exploring the field. And back to reality meets another person, a girl, Tristess.
Meanwhile it seems that Buddy's Life energy is actually wandering around in the form of a black bear - which Maxine is playing around with.
All this in the aim to turn Buddy into an Animal Master!
Travis Cody finds out about the mapping of the human and super-human DNA to give Mr. Samson, head of that STAR Labs division powers of a god. With no Animal Man to interfere, nor the ol' Stone, the plan is moved ahead. Even though all shamans meeting up in Canada means trouble.
Buddy has some mystical relation with this Tristess while in the form of animals..or something. She's also an "Animal (Wo)Man".

Overall: Who's that woman kissing Buddy on the cover? Alluring, and mysterious too!
By now the ending was clearly defined and in sight, DC was probably going with another creative team for changes. The book "as is" would last one more year, barely.

makes origin story yellow magicians in doubt

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #44
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Brett Ewins & Jim McCarthy
Format: Single issue

"Who is that Masked Woman?" indeed!

Animals eat animal, and so Stone tries to have Buddy eat some meat.
Buddy finds Tabu, another animal powers-wielding person he met a long while ago (back in... Morrison's run again!). She wields various masks each with different animal proprieties.
But wait! That's not her, that's merely Vixen from the Justice League, now using Tabu's old masks for her own understanding of her own powers.
Vixen basically has the same powers has A-Man, reaching out the M-field to use animal abilities.
She's more literally a living animal-totem actually.
Stone united all these "totems" to make actual shamans out of them to face an upcoming threat.

Ellen gets back to New York City for a job.
She doesn't like the city, after leaving in San Diego and now currently in Vermont, she has grow quite in touch with the nature as well.
She starts working with Les Decker, editor-in-chief of a comic book division.
Buddy meets back with Travis. The whole crew goes back to the farm.
And Ellen starts working in The Penalizer comic book (mentioned all those issues above, remember?) back in NYC.

Overall: Worst issue ever!
While the story is continuing the current issues, the guest artist is simply the worst I've seen ever!
And worst of all, the guy is a tracer!
For real! The last page has a splash page featuring Maxine...traced over a cover from Brian Bolland (issue 36), check it out for yourself!
And the whole thing with Tristess in the back of Ellen... Vixen acting as Tabu for no reason..
The only redeemable quality might be the in-comic Penalizer fanfic "by Cliff Baker". Drawn appropriately by a child.

I give this one a: 1 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #45
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

This issue doesn't lie, "The Penalizer Gets Real" in this issue!

Ellen's editor Les Decker has a secret..he punishes the guilty as his fictional character, Penalizer!
Ellen's back on the job, working as a comic book artist, though back at the farm.
And even Buddy's back on a pay, another movie coming up, this time about Animal Man himself!
You can't get more meta than this!

The Penalizer comic is sort of a critic of what's been going on with the kids, either Cliff getting away, under strange hands or with Maxine and her lost of touch with the reality.

The guys for the A-Man movie arrive at the farm. Buddy finds a trace of Maxine through the m-field...
"...And she's a mile underground!"

Overall: A very funny and silly cover from Bolland, which I loved to bits!
The schizophrenic story-telling works great for Ellen's crazy boss.
A nice issue which picks things up after a pretty bad one.

I give this one a: 2.5 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #46
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Pugh
Format: Single issue

We see a young punk kid getting drunk with his friend..but wait!
It's a young Buddy about Cliff's age!
Back to the present we see Buddy and Ellen reminiscing their childhood.
Buddy remembers his harsh father. Being a rebel at home. Frank Baker trying his best to educate this stupid kid of his. He'd love to see Buddy become the man he will never be.
They go in the mountain, on an hunting trip just the two of them. Buddy doesn't like it too much.
Frank kills everything around, trying his best to make a man outta the boy.
A sort of spaceship crashes down.

A bear attacks Frank.
Suddenly an old native American man appears out of nowhere. Helps them up. He takes Buddy up to the crater left by the thing. A cocoon, not a spaceship.
The old man tries to have Buddy destroy the coccoon while "it's asleep". Only Buddy can, "his son" spiritually. They fail... Now they can only wait until next time, when the enemy will be ready instead.

Buddy forgot it all the next day.
At a local fair, he saves a young Ellen from being mauled by a tiger.
"---like I had Animal Powers! I was the tiger."
It was love at first sight.

Overall: For a filler issue, what a nice of pace it is!
Not an essential read, can be seen as a one-shot story, but so much better than any past guest issue.
Another tryout for an upcoming Animal Man artist like in the past, it seems. Steve Pugh would later go on to do the art for the new run of Animal Man. Gorgeous art, though you need to get used to it.
Love the cover which doesn't directly concern the story in itself, but thematically works. Featuring "Old Jack Baker with tomahawk circa 1771".

I give this one a: 3 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #47
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

The story picks up with a certain "Maxwell".
Who is this strange guy... oh he doesn't need "the helmet anymore". 'didn't help him read into animal's mind afterall. Did he need to drink the rainwater? None of these things were required to create mutant creatuers... OH! It's B'wana Beast, now free of the best, but more wild than ever!
Since he gave it all up, these items of powers, to Freedom Beast, he's just never been the same anymore.
He's living underground with.. Maxine!!
Buddy feels Maxine underground, goes to her help. The film crew and Ellen try to tag along.
Meanwhile Travis and Maki are taking some time off to find out about Mr. Samson's true motives.
She gets it with opium. Travis gets lost in a cyberspace while trying to hack back STAR Labs. But not before finding the template Samson's been working on to craft his discoveries into his body and becoming himself a super-powered god-like being.
Buddy fights Maxwell, aka B'wana Beast to help Maxine. But she's becoming wild while under The Beast's influence.
They go to meet "their maker", who is going to rise from his cocoon after all these years. The power of The Antagon!
"Ancient as Creation itself!"
It absorbs the Beast to take on The Animal Masters (such as Buddy, Vixen and the old shamans)

Overall: This issues ties around the very motif and whole story-arc of this run, tying it into Grant Morrison's first two volumes as well. A true continuation and exploration of those old themes.
Great moving story and art.
Though I'm kinda sad they turned B'wana Beast into the antagonist (via "The Antagon", I see..not that clever...)
Also, is it only me or does this all lack Freedom Beast? Or was he being only used in JLA back then? So, off this book?

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #48
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

The Antagon goes on a rampage, killing everything, taking life itself back and absorbing it to grow in power.
The movie director is killed. Ellen and the cameraman escape barely.
The Antagondooms all humanity, being a representation of life against life itself. Accusing us all to having destroying his own meaning.
Buddy brings back Maxine to the old shaman despite what Ellen says.
Even the army can't stop The Antagon.
Buck Samson is turned into a super-being, with new molecules replacing his entire body, each imbued with morphogenetic energy to rewrite his DNA as he pleases.
Old stone unites the Animal Masters for the final confrontation.
Antagon continues to travel across America, absorbing life everywhere on his path.

Overall: The series is reaching its climax!
Yet, another nice issue.
Great art, great writing.
What more is there to say, really?

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #49
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

While the camerman is being super-creepy around Ellen, Buddy's off facing giant insects in a mystical realm.
The army and the rest of STAR Labs try to take over this off-the-tracks division and their boss Buck Samson now turned into a Superman.
"Little Wing" (Maxine) is cured.
Stone tells the story of the original Animal Masters and the formation of life on Earth.
How animals were created. Life itself, randomly generated.
Then came the Despoiler, the Expunger, the Anti-Creator. Antagon. It being contained. It's failed destruction at the hands of a young Buddy. And taking over B'wana.
Samson becomes Metaman, a hero who will use his newfound powers to defeat Antagon and become a legitimate hero for fame and glory.
Buddy is ready to take on the villain, both of them, with his all-new fabulous powers.

Overall: Glad to see this new Vixen under Dillon's pen, she looks much better here, even though I find her change useless and forgettable.
Nice issue that tries to accomplish a lot in so little pages. (the end coming up next issue, and all)
Lots of exposition which could have gained from 2-3 more issues.

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Comic title: Animal Man #50
Written by Tom Veitch
Art by Steve Dillon
Format: Single issue

And here's the last one, a double-sized special finale issue!

The camera guy still super creepy eating Ellen with his disgusting eyes.
The Antagon is coming.
For it, life, and imagination, is a disease.
Metaman arrives on the scene with his ridiculous Superman-alike costume.
The now transformed-B'wana Beast is unstoppable ...But he succombs to Metaman M-field direct the Antagon takes direct control over his own body.
Our heroes have now become true Shamans, now in direct connection with the morphogenetic field through mystic.
They each embody the animals, as direct totems of their powers.
The old mystics brings Antagon on the same field to face against the Shaman-Animal Man & co. They recreate life while Antagon destroys everything. And like this, no more Antagon.

Buddy gets back home to Ellen, as always.
He kicks the previous guy out.

The End.

Overall: Gorgeous, stunning art from Dillon who did a top notch job on this oversized finale issue.
The ending feels a bit..I dunno.. It could have been so much more. It was a bit of a downer.
Everything felt so epic...but it didn't end in a bang.
They were really compressed into this little time frame to finish it all for the next team.

Anyway, besides that? The overall plot was great but felt kinda short in the last pages.
It still was an amazing run with a great finale in the end.

I give this one a: 2 / 3 Score!

Less fillers would have really help sold this run on the book.
The plot felt kinda slow sometimes, or going nowhere. Had it been more focused I think it would have equalled or surpassed Morrison's.
Still, the art was outstanding - usually.
The stories about Buddy, Ellen and the kids still interesting.
I'm not a big fan of ditching and forgetting Cliff near the end though.

To Be they say!

That's all for this time's Quickies!

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