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CBR Chucky

Let's celebrate the upcoming return of Chucky in a new film feature with a look back at DDP's comic book miniseries!

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Comic title: Chucky
Art by Josh Medors & Pat Quinn
Written by Brian Pulido

Published by Devil's Due Publishing
From 2007
Lineup Chucky series
Format: Trade Paperback collecting the mini-series Chucky #1-4.

In the wake of a return of the horror genre in the comics, Devil's Due Publishing was able to obtain the license of produce comics based around the Child's Play film series.

They originally introduced him back through a crossover with another one of their titles at the time, Tim Seeley's brilliant Hack/Slash series. Then in 2007, Chucky was "spin off" into his own mini-series.

This wasn't Chucky's first comic book outing, he already had one mini-series back in 1990 at the now defunct Innovation Publishing.

The story of this comic picks up after the events of Seed of Chucky.

The "Lakeshore Strangler" aka serial killer Charles Lee Ray was once more resurrected into the body of a Good Guy doll. The Hack/Slash Vs. Chucky story showed Chucky's resurrection and return on a new killing spree.

Now the killer doll has set his sight on a quest for revenge. He decides to go back after Jesse and Jade from Bride of Chucky. They've been trying to live a new life at best, since the traumatic events of the film. But the shadow of Chucky is never far from their mind. Jade has been preparing all these past years for an eventual return of Chucky and is well decided to make her stand would that finally happen.

Chucky lashes at them bit by bit, opting for a long scarring pursuit instead of a cheap quick kill.

On his revenge spree he also finds Detective Mike Norris (from the first film!) and tries to have the Detective lead him to an adult Andy Barclay as well...

In the end, the murderous doll will have to be once more dispatched. For good hopefully. Perhaps incinerating Chucky will finally put a stop to his killing for good... providing the smoke doesn't care Charles Lee Ray's soul to a pile of discontinued Good Guy dolls nearby...!

It's a pretty decent enough story. An interesting way to continue the story after the events seen in the last film.

Bringing Chucky back to his darker murderous roots. Yet still keeping some of the dark humor from the later episodes.

To write this story, DDP had horror fan Brian Pulido, creator of such characters as Lady Death and Evil Ernie. He wrote several comic book stories based on everything horror, from Nightmare on Elm Street to Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The art was okay. There's a significant change of artist for the final part of the series. It goes from a pretty standard horror comic look (think Tim Seeley) to a more cartoony approach for the end. It didn't detract much but it did surprise me a bit at first.

The ending does leave the story open enough for future storylines...

Overall, it was a pretty nice book.

Mostly aimed at fans of either Chucky or the genre. I doubt you'll be getting any of it if you are not familiar with the movies.

It does manage to do its job of resurrecting the horror icon Chucky in a different medium.

A second series was launched in 2009, with writer Jason M Burns and art by Jason Rhodes. But it was canceled shortly after the first issue for unknown reasons (me thinks the "licensing agreement" with Universal Studios came to an end).

I give it:
2 / 3 ManThings!

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