Thursday, August 8, 2013

CBR Bloody Dreadful


I'm going to start reviewing some indie titles from time to time. Just to give some exposure to some stories that really deserve it.

Let's start with a recent title that has been brought to my attention recently, released this year digitally.
Digital copies provided for this review courtesy from SLG Publishing. Thanks guys!

Comic title: Bloody Dreadful 
Story & Art by Justin Sane

Published by Slave Labor Graphics Publishing  
From 2012- (on-going)
Lineup /
Format: On-going series (#2 issues have already been published so far).

The independent comic book scene has always offered more originality with the medium and less restrictions when it comes to comics. No overall corporate mandate or big on-going scheme that forces the creative teams to adapt to whatever flavor of the month the publisher requires. (this includes company-wide crossovers, suddent change of status quo, flushing down planned storylines, etc.)

Authors are usually allowed more room for creativity out of the mainstream market.

It's a breath of fresh air!

That is why I will be reviewing some indie titles from time to time.

Today's "book" comes from SLG Publishing.

They have released a lot of great small titles in the past. Their catalog contains a lot of dark comedies and macabre titles in the style of Tim Burton's film. And they are being some great surprises such as Faith Hicks's great War at Ellsmere and Zombies Calling.

Bloody Dreadful comes from the one man-team of Justin Sane (ha! I see what you did there...). An hot newcomer in the field.

What's Bloody Dreadful about?

Bloody Dreadful follows an unnamed Grave Robber as he goes from one grave to another.

This Grave Robber is accompanied by his dog that doesn't seem as motivated by this crude behavior.

But you see, the Grave Robber is not only robbing tombs for the money. He also appears to have some mysterious powers. Not only does he dig into people's graves, but also their past!

After a quick humorous opening, the robber's dialogues are quite poetic, we are then introduced to some other characters, a gothic tale taking place in past Victorian England.

The first two issues follow the story of a couple that seemed quite normal at first glance. The wife wants to try a fortune telling machine. The husband reluctantly accepts. But after that things turn for the worse when a fire destroy their home later that evening...

The second story follows an actor, Vincent Hollow. A reporter tries to black mail him into giving him an exclusive interview. How does he come up with those amazing theatrical makeup? Let's just say there's more to it than simply pain, and you shouldn't force anything on a man such as Hollow!...

Bloody Dreadful stories are very reminiscent of Tales from the Crypt in a way. They also remind of good Twilight Zone episodes.

In this way, the Grave Robber has the same role and presence as the Cryptkeeper. He merely introduces us, the reader, into these dark little tales of black humor. They seem to always end badly for all the characters involved (so far).

It's actually a pretty captivating series.

And the art style, despite being so simplistic, is perfectly adequate and fitting for the mood. Akin to a shadow puppets theater.

Overall, a surprising title, a really interesting story.

Surprisingly captivating and definitively worth a look!

Excuse me for the pun, but Bloody Dreadful is far from being, well, bloody dreadful.

The series is available at Comixology (the first issue is free!) and through SLG website.

Printed issues are also available from the SLG website and, and a softcover collection of the entire series is planned for 2014.

If you like dark gothic tales or above mentioned serial TV series, give it a look!

I give it:
2 / 3 Ampersands!

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