Friday, August 16, 2013

CBR Rebel Angels


Here's another fun little indie title for today's review.

Is it better to rule in Hell or serve in Heaven? The answer might surprise you in this comedic/epic adventure!
Digital copy provided for this review courtesy from SLG Publishing. Thanks Dan!

Comic title: Rebel Angels
Story & Art by James Turner

Published by Slave Labor Graphics Publishing  
From 2013- (on-going)
Lineup indie
Format: On-going series (#1 issue has been released so far).

This is another independent creator-owned title published by SLG Publishing.

Rebel Angels is written and drawn by Rex Libris and Warlord of IO Canadian author James Turner.

The first issue was just released this month.

The story follows several demons in the infernal realm. The series appears to be a character piece with various major players and a story of incoming mutiny amongst the various ranks of Hell.

While the book appears in a cartoony style and to be addressed for everyone, it's actually a bit more gory and adult-oriented than one might think at first glance. With mature themes.

The story opens with a demonic couple running from a monstrous guardian. Sadly they fail to escape with their infant baby-demon. No one escapes Hell, but they're invited to try if they dare too..

Our main character is Balthazar Venomfang. Balthazar is a pretty lazy, slacker, cool demon. He doesn't mind Hell, but things could be better. His family embarrasses him. No one respects him anymore. In short, he really need to get a hold of situation.

Meanwhile several demons of lesser ranks are starting to miss the advantages of Heaven. They lost any kind of privilege when they all followed Satan.

Lord Nolous is having his army prepared to strike at the nearby realm. Balthazar sees a second chance at being a big shot by taking part in this.

And Nolous wants to rise in bigger rank if he helps his superior Rakos Lucifer Droolbroth The Merciless by sealing off "Thermidor".

Things are only getting started but you can feel Turner has a big plan for all these characters.

It's kind of an epic adventure, only taking place in Hell. The characters are all pretty likable for a bunch of demons!

James Turner's original art style contributes a lot to the story, giving this an animated feel. (think a more stylized John Kricfalusi)

Overall, this one was really good.

There's a lot of humor, fun characters and an engaging storyline.

It's more appropriate for an adult audience but I guess despite the subject and some sexual humor it's nothing worse than what you have on TV these days!

The series is scheduled for Comixology soon and is already available on SLG website.

A graphic novel edition is apparently also planned as James Turner said on facebook.

If you like dark humor, a nice blend of comedy and adventure or want to see a little spin on the usual Hell/Heaven conflict, this one comes highly recommended!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Ampersands!

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