Friday, November 8, 2013

#Marvel NEWS! Heroes For Hire on Netflix... no, really!

So after kickin' it on the big screen, Marvel finally decided to fight DC Comics on the television.

They are going to launch several original Netflix show - how modern! - all centered all around Hell's Kitchen.

It's going to work as four mini-series, led by a new rebooted live action Daredevil.

Following this main series we will also get a Jessica Jones series, an Iron Fist one and a Luke Cage one (why not simply Heroes for Hire??).

They are already planning multiple arcs over years of programming and it will then all culminate into this TV Network's own take on the Avengers formula with The Defenders, a final mini-series epic.

Let's hope this all actually gets developed, too many ideas are being thrown out left and right. I'll get hyped when we'll first see some footage of all this.


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