Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Cowabunga NEWS! More leaked Ninja Turtles reboot stuff

It really looks like the Turtles will look this dorky and wear random junk & clothes in Michael Bay's reboot. Michael Bay and Paramount have been asking people to take out the leaked stuff.

Why? Don't they like the free advertisment and having people talk about the new designs... or do they fear the ridicule of their new direction?!

Anyways, more leaked stuff, this time actual character concepts and models from the shoot, how they will actually look like IN THE FILM. One step closer...

We're definitively going with the extra clothing. And OF COURSE, they're gonna sport ridiculous elbow pads... Also they look way more like samurais than ninjas.

It's like the 1990s finally caught the simplistic and perfect design of Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman's characters. 

Shredder looks... Okay, I guess.

And I see way too much Decepticons in Shredder design here... sigh..

The real problem is that they casted the whitest guy ever to play this Japanese ninja clan leader.. I mean, William Fichtner?????? Really??? (and don't throw any "James Avery" at me - 1) he was AWESOME and 2) he was only a voice actor, come on!)

Nooo. The real problem lies in...

GAH!! I forgot she was in the film... Why?!?! Whyyyyyyyyyy???

A trailer will supposedly hit the world before August 8, that's when the movie's coming out. Bay can't hide them forever.

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