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RR Spaced

A timeless UK classic!

A British sitcom about a bunch of 20-something geeks...

Name: Spaced: 3 Disc Collectors' Edition - Definitive Collectors' Edition 
Created by Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson
Directed by Edgar Wright  
Original run 1999-2001
Genre Comedy/Sitcom

Produced in the late 1990s, Spaced is a British sitcom about a bunch of 20-something losers.

It ran for 2 series from 1999 to 2001 and followed these unlikely bunch of protagonists, slackers and unemployed people living together, playing video games and talking Star Wars.

The series was created by Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson as an answer to all the generic family sitcoms of the mid and late 90s for the Star Wars generation! A far-cry from all the middle-class couples and family which paved the way for more awkward poorer nerd protagonists. 

Every episode was written by Pegg and Stevenson, while the entire series was directed by Edgar Wright.

Spaced follow these two characters, Tim and Daisy as they share a flat in North London. In order to rent this apartment from Masha Klein - an alcoholic landlady who owns the place - they have to pretend to be a couple.

The show follows those two in their numerous adventures as we are introduced to several other "geeks" (in the wider "outcast" sense of the term). We meet this frustrated painter Brian who lives upstairs. Mike a military nut and guns aficionado. And Daisy's friend, Twist, a self-centered crazy girl.

They aren't preoccupied by serious stuff like their future or problems like that. In Spaced we follow the surreal world of these big kids discussing Star Wars (that Episode 1!!), playing childlike games of paintball, etc.

The show was produced on a very simple and modest budget but was a huge hit at the time.

It helped launch the career of Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson & Edgar Wright.

Spaced featured some great secondary characters that even got each their fair share of screentime.

Some great characters starting as simple geek stereotypes at first (Tim being the eternal big kid, always playing video games for example). They were brought to life with great characterization and acting. Probably each could remind you of real people anyone knows.

Spaced had a fantastic cast of actors. Such as Nick Frost, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael and Julia Deakin.

This British sitcom ran for a total of 14 episodes  - two series.

Spaced had great off-the-wall jokes. Never taking itself too seriously, most episodes would feature lots of visual humor, fast-paced jokes and absurd situations.

It was never rare to see arguments end up in surreal ways. A problem between Tim and Daisy mirroring a match played out in Tekken. Tim playing Resident Evil and ending up in a little Dawn of the Dead homage.

All thanks to Edgar Wright's signature editing and directing techniques.

The Wright-Pegg-Frost trio would later go on to produce and star in the fan-favorite successful "Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy" films with the same kind of humor and tone. Simply put, this show put them all on the map and now Edgar Wright is making some big Hollywood films!

Spaced is a surreal sitcom about a bunch of people who simply won't grow up.

There's a lot of stand-out scenes and entire episodes.

Be it in Matrix-style finger-gun shout-outs or simply slacking around on the couch.

The show had a great cinematic flair - in single camera shot!

To put it in one sentence: It was like a strange British cross between Seinfeld - another show about nothing - and Kevin Smith's Clerks.

Overall, a fantastic must watch classic series for our generation!

It only ran for two series. Perfect. Timeless. And greatly directed.

Spaced was a funny anti-sitcom, with some great production values.

A show about eternal adolescents, with tons of film, video game and comic book references/allusions/parodies.

Probably one of the best modern sitcoms produced in my eyes.

I give it:
3 / 3 Urkels!

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