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1PanelReview The Fugitive

He DIDN'T KILL HIS WIFE, I'm telling ya!

What it is: The Fugitive

Which is: A thriller film
Directed by: Andrew Davis 
Year: 1993

The Fugitive is a 1993 thriller directed by kickass action film director Andrew Davis. It follows the surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble played by Harrison Ford as he chased all over the Chicago by U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) after being framed for the murder of his own wife by a one-armed man. Who would believe such a far-fetched story anyhow?! This guy should have called the cops right away... It is actually based on a 1963-67 TV series by the same name.

What's Good about it: It's a classic of modern cinema!
Not only did Andrew Davis, Jeb Stuart and Riddick's David Twohy come up with such a great story for the film, but they were also able to contain in this 130 minutes-film the entire thematic and tone of the classic 1960s show. Several important plot points actually are touched upon and used in this film. You don't see that kind of dedication in film adaptations these days...
It's a great entertaining with a fantastic pacing. It's the perfect bland of equal part-thriller and action movie.
Watching Richard Kimble go through all this injustice is such a captivating tale! He goes through a lot during the course of the film and is put through such a complicated chain of events... You feel for the guy after a while! He even infiltrates an Hospital for a length of time just get the next clue!
Plus, heck, Harisson Ford's such a great actor!
The Fugitive is not just a great thrilling movie. It's also a great "Chicago flick", never before has a city had such a presence through a film.
It never stops! From the spectacular prison bus scene to the chases all through the film.
Richard Kimble didn’t kill his wife. And he won't stop telling us that.
Speaking of, Tommy Lee Jones really doesn't care. That's all!
Let's not forget the fantastic captivating score composed by all-time legend James Newton Howard! One of his best's!

What's Bad about it: You dare question The Fugitive ?!
The gosh darned Fugitive, for chrissake!
Okay, poor Doctor Kimble does seem to turn into an expert action movie badass over the course of the film... "Hollywood!"

Overall: One all-time classic!

It's always a fun movie and didn't age that much! The lack of CGi certainly helps it.

It went on to be a huge box office success, winning several awards along a bunch of nominations at the Academy Awards - with Tommy Lee Jones winning in the "Best Supporting Actor" category in 1994.

If you haven't seen in a while... Do so, it will do you some good. If you haven't seen it yet, I really recommend you catch up with this classic!

Basically, it's a great film and the perfect example of a "chase movie" done right.!
I give it: 3 / 3 Quacks!
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