Monday, March 3, 2014

#DC News! First Look at The CW's Flash design

And here's the first official look at Grant Gustin as The Flash from the upcoming CW show:

Granted (pun intended!) it's only a close-up of the mask, but it can already tell us plenty o' things.

First up, from a quick look at the chin plus those lines on his front  and back of the head, it looks clearly New 52-inspired. I'm betting his costume will have all those unnecessary details/lines.

Also he either has a collar - meaning very true to the New 52 design - or a jacket there. Please, not a Daredevil movie-style costume.. The presence of the logo/lightning bolt on the ear instead of a wing (they do seem to hate those old shcool wings on costumes in Hollywood, heh, remember Captain America?) might mean the absence of it on the Flash's torso...

And boy does this guy looks like John Mullaney.

Wait and see...


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