Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#DeletedScenes - CTR 2010

Alongside Radical Entertainment's 2nd Crash Bandicoot reboot, Crash Landed, a "sister game" of sorts was being developed at the time.

Simply known as Crash Team Racing (2010), it was to be a new (and 4th) Crash Bandicoot Kart game. A return to basis, without any silly gimmick this time.

Only Crash & co in go-karts, with their new updated chibi-ysh designs.

Let's check this new video that has just surfaced recently:


It was being developed by High Impact Games (a team mostly composed of old Naughty Dog crew, the ones that left after Sony's buy-off).

Despite never being released, since Activision decided to simply ditch this series over the last few years, it looked quite promising!

It was originally sheduled for PS3, 360 and the Wii. Personally

I loved the cartoony art style of these two 2010 scrapped games... really sad that we never got both of these..

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