Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#Gaming NEWS! Teh Bat is back

And without anyone expecting it, whatsoever, Warner Bros just announced the new Batman game!

Titled this time Batman: Arkham Knight, this Gotham City "Arkham Knight" game will be the 4h episode, 3rd if you don't count the prequel Origins, and will be this time developed by its original studio, Rocksteady Studios.

I'm personally expecting Warner to announce next year another prequel/spinoff by Origins' team.

This time the plot will move forward again, following Arkham City and featuring the Scarecrow taking over the entiry Gotham City (only to reveal to be the Joker himself in disguise? nah.. just kidding... but expect the Joker to pop up somewhere... again!)

They did announce this title will be the last in the series (until Warner decides to release another one).

This time the Batmobile will be playable! Finally! About damn' time! But what with the plot of the city being evacuated, don't expect to see the streets filled of people finally... Sigh... 

Villains confirmed so far are the Scarecrow, Penguin and Two-Face, while Harley Quinn will be  playable this time, taking over Catwoman or Deathstroke from the previous games.. Harley? Really? What is she now, like an anti-hero?! Plus she seems to sport another random redesign. As "nice" as they've been so far, I really, REALLY miss Classic Harley... oh, well...

This time the game will be available only for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 14. Finally a reason enough to upgrade to next gen? Looks more appealing than all the "next gen" titles so far. And it's a real gen exclusive as well.

Wait and see~
(expect decent story at the start but random Joker forced into the ridiculous ending)

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