Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#Random - USFIV's Decapre and alternate character choices...

Several people got annoyed by the Decapre Reveal Trailer, I know I found it kinda... underwhelming. They shouldn't have kept her for last, or at least not build the hype for such a reveal.

At the end of the day, no matter her unique-ysh gameplay or not, she still is simply "Cammy with a mask". Seriously. Fans of the PC version already added the entire Shadaloo Dolls to the game years ago, for free! Just google it!

The thing is it all comes to one thing.. Capcom didn't have the money for it. Or at least, didn't want to spend the money on this new update. But thing is... you have to spend money to make money! That's how it goes.

Well, the guys at outsidexbox came up with this much better list of choices for that last character we all awaited so many months for:

You know what...? Those are all perfectly valid and perfect suggestions. Much better than Decapre.

I think I would had other SF3, SFAlpha or SFEx characters like Karin, Sean or even Rival School/Darkstalkers before one of these "Dolls"... sigh... Why not even Stryder to tie in with the new game's release?! After all the Street Fighter series' been merging with other Capcom proprieties since SF Alpha already.

Damn.. if they could had any (or all???) of them in a future last update/DLC/SF5... if only, right...

And for those who'd want to address the whole Skullomania/Street Fighter EX issue... This whole "But Arika owns the copyrights to those characters"-thing. Despite whatever Ono said in the past, it was simply addressing not having any of the EX characters in the game at the time. I'm sure they would change stance if they ever got them back at some point. PR, you guys! Also - the whole "they developed the game, Capcom doesn't own the characters" is as silly as saying a studio/person owns characters from a copyrighted franchise they worked on once (*cough*Mighty The Armadillo*cough*). And last, if any of it was true, they could get those back as common courtesy/guests. Ever seen Link/Heihachi/Spawn in Soul Calibur? What about Freddy in Mortal Kombat? Heck, even Virtua Fighters in a Dead or Alive game - cross-fighting franchise and inter-company at once! They even added another VF to the last Ultimate DOA5 release!

All I want to say is... there's nothing preventing Capcom from adding SFEX characters back at some point. All it takes is some effort (cash? time?) in the actual update.

They could add all the Capcom characters from SFxTekken/Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 if they wanted, they already did so with most of the new additions! (Mike Haggar, where are yoooooou!?!)

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