Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#Comics NEWS! the return of Spider-man 2099

Is this real...?!

Apparently, Spider-man 2099 will finally come back in an all-new series. And written by original series creator Peter David (this time, under the art of Will Sliney).

So... huh.. yay?!

But there's a catch!

The series will be spin-off from "SpiderOck" aka the Superior Spider-man series. Which simply means this is an all-new Miguel O'Hara (the fourth one following the Timestorm version and Exiles). And the series will be in fact set in present day, following the plot of Superior which left our 2099 hero in modern New York, working at Alchemax to prevent its rise.

So...huh.. nay?!

I mean, at least the very convulsed pitch and the fact it's all meant to tie-into the upcoming event (that whole SPIDER-VERSE thing) doesn't bode well for starters.

On the bright side, it's announced as a new on-going and not a mini. That means if the book survives past these first events, we might actually get our good ol' regular 2099 back once our first conflict's resolved...

Oh, well.. Perhaps it's just some random joke on Marvel's part... Let's see if they announced the return of the whole Marvel MC2/Spider-girl before the end of the day....

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