Saturday, June 7, 2014

CBR Bravest Warriors Vol. 2

You know what time it is? It's Bravest Warriors time!

To be precise, it's Miss Teen Multiverse Pageant contest-time!

You know what time is it? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!

Comic title: Bravest Warriors: Vol. 2
Art by Mike Holmes & Ryan Pequin
Written by Joey Comeau & Ryan Pequin

Published by Boom! Studios inprint KaBOOM!
From 2014
Lineup Bravest Warriors series
Format: Trade Paperback collecting Bravest Warriors #5-8.

The Bravest Warriors are back in all-new adventures!

"Bravest Warriors" is the YouTube-popular series created by Adventure Time creator Pen Ward with Frederator Studios.

It follows the adventures of 4 young brave heroes, the bravest rad warriors there is - named Beth, Chris, Wallow, and Danny. With the occasional help from the 5th unofficial half-mermaid-thing-with-two-brains Plum.

The companion comic book series launched at KaBOOM! Studios has known its fair share of well-deserved popularity on its own. Being a pretty entertaining well crafted all-ages title for everyone to enjoy. (with a slight more "teenager" tone than its Adventure Time counterpart)

This is the second volume, still written by Joey Comeau, with art from Mike Holmes.

In this second book we join our heroes as they have infiltrated a beauty pageant. Beth and Plum have gone undercover in this "Miss Multiverse Pageant" to uncover the truth regarding a criminal attempt on the beauties at the contest...

...Someone has been stealing the brains of the participant! Who is it, and more importantly, why??

The contest is suddenly attacked by their evil doubles! Remember those alternate-selves they left stranded behind on a planet when they traveled through time? Well, turns out they turned full-on evil bad guys now! And Their Wallow is now a she! And both can't stop to make out with each other!! And the Plums as well!? Come on, guys! This is serious biz', we're trying to tell a story here! Cut it out!

When suddenly one of our heroes goes missing! Where's Danny? Somebody stole is brain as well!

But it's okay... his brain as simply been put inside one of those giant robots... Did somebody say Giant ROBOTS?!

This is one mystery than needs solving...

It's funny, hilarious and plays with so many scifi tropes!

There's a bit of time shenanigans, as the Bravest Warriors have been known for (mostly in the comics iteration).

There's also a sense of continuity, what with plenty of details being carried over from the previous volume.

And finally the funny annotations that were added at the bottom of the pages - similar to KaBOOM's Adventure Time series - have been fully and entirely integrated in the series for a fun "commentary track".

Ryan Pequin continues to work on the back-up features, which he now has completely taken over. They're all written and illustrated by Pequin.

They're kind of hilarious sidestories that could be placed anywhere, mostly the Bravest Warriors during their "off time", on their every day life.

Each issue originally contained a back-up tale, they're here all presented at the end. From Wallow's new pet Hammy - a bodysnatchers really!? -, find out what favorite Catbug has been up to, what sort of adventures does he get into when out of sight of our heroes, a "clip-show episode" around very bad holiday memories and finally an hilarious story of Internet browser history in"Beth's secret"!

The book also contains a stunning cover gallery well worth a look. Featuring the work of the likes of Tyson Hesse, Pendleton Ward himself and many, many more!

Overall, another solid trade paperback!

An Highly Recommended series!

The series is really fun, easy to get into and you don't even need to follow it from the beginning or be familiar with the internet cartoon series!

It still is a great jumping point for new readers and a great first impression to discover the universe of Pendleton Ward!

I give it:
2.5 / 3 Snoopies!

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