Friday, July 4, 2014

#NerdTalk - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice really???

I think I never posted much thoughts regarding this film over here. So let's do another one of these "NerdTalk" posts for this occasion.

And let's open this up with this parody:

...from the youtube guys who make those awesome How It Should Have Ended.


So I'll nitpick right away - awful David Goyer writting and Zack "I don't know what cinematography or editing means" Snyer aside - what's up with the title? I mean. Really.

What. Is. Up. With. The. Title???

I've been a DC Comics longtime fan for the longest time (until September 2011 to be precise) and even I don't know what's up with that?!

I get it. I get DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. morphing this Man of Steel 2 into Superman Vs. Batman for fight Marvel/Disney on the same terms. To Batman Vs. Superman because "BAAAATMAAAN". And even the "Dawn of Justice" because there was no justice to be found in Man of Steel to catch up quicker with the Avengers craze and officially announce the incoming Justice League movie (which will probably be called "The League of Justice" or "Injustice: The League" or something, because DC movies can't be fun because they're ashamed of everything good that makes comics awesome).

But what's up with the "V."

And today David Goyer just came forward with "his reason". (seriously, google it!)

Because he didn't want it to be just a simple "Versus" movie.

Only that's what it is!

In that case, why not use one of the many good names the comics have already used successfully in the past (hence, there's a market for it/it was already "audience tested").

Such as Batman/Superman! You know, like those fairly well received MANY comics in the past and current DC publications! (and don't tell me it's because it sounds like a "ship", because if they showed something so far it's that these movies are aimed at REAL MENZ, gritty adults, not silly "fanboys/girls").

Better yet, why not World's Finest?! (World's Finest: Superman/Batman?)

EVEN BETTER YET, why not simply TRINITY and acknowledge Wonder Woman from the start?!

The worst thing is... that it still stands for "Versus". Only therefore it sounds like a legal term. Is BatAffleck suing Superman for the destruction of his Waynetech Satellite?

Historically, the "V" is also often associated with "Victory" around the world... Is that want it should stand for, Goyer? ("Oh yeah, it's, like, totally gonna destroy Marvel films, hence VICTORY for us!")

And I thought the "V" stood for Vendetta...

On another note I still haven't seen Man of Steel.

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