Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RR Chris Hardwick - Mandroid

Here's the one and only nerd legend and Nerdist hero, Chris Hardwick!

All you ever need to know about him is right there on the cover! Robots! Dinosaurs!

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Title: Mandroid 
Comedian Chris Hardwick 
Release date 2013
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

Not only is Chris Hardwick an actor, a screenwriter, a musician, a voice actor, one of the best podcaster out there and a TV host, but he's also a stand-up comedian!

The guy has been for so long in the entertainment, having appeared on the short-lived obscure show Guys Like Us to his current show Talking Dead.

Following his performance with Mike Phirman in the 2-man comedy band Hard 'n Phirm around 2008, his career range from such diverse fields as his work for Comedy Central or voice acting on cartoons for Nickelodeon.

The co-founder of Nerdist already experienced some stand-up performances here and there before "Mandroid".

Mandroid is his first one hour-long Stand-up Comedy Special, for Comedy Central. It was filmed in New York City and aired 2012.

It was later released in 2013 through an extended and uncensored CD , DVD and digital releases.

The special starts off with some great material.

Chris Hardwick has some unique pet subjects he loves to cover.

He opens his very nerdy show by addressing nerds right away. That's right, Nerds with a capital "n", the other N-word, he's taking it back! Then he goes on ghost hunters, how he's never been that good in fights, his pact with animals and an oversea adventure regarding sharks (and their amazing vaginas). A silly vampire bit. "Gramp stamps". To finally end up on short stories regarding dweebs, nasonex and finally his work as cartoon voiceover actor.

Very fun material all around, obviously mostly revolving around nerds, what nerds best contribute to our society. He does some chess jokes here and there. Gets a bit more raunchier, that material maybe goes on for a bit too long in the middle. It also probably panders way too much to the audience.

The rest of the show is a bit more standard, nothing new from the genre really.

I always find the album really pleasant to listen to on repeats.

His love for the Twilight Zone offers us a great segment. The invasion of all these ghosts on realitvy TV shows, would-be man-made animals...

The final third goes back to some more interesting bits.

Sure there are some slightly sloppy bits and the bits seem to lose some steam over the run at times, but overall it's a pretty good and hilarious first comedy special for Chris Hardwick.

My favorite jokes of his concerning his nerd pride, dismissing sports fans and then later on hipsters for a change. Gentle mocking non-nerds. We get some great memorable moments like gently playing off German stereotypes, Harry Potter metaphors and finally wondering if Patrick Swayze goes behind people in pottery classes to hug them!

Overall, it's a fairly decent hilarious Stand-up comedy special! Recommended for a good laugh!

Chris Hardwick is no novice to the subject, afterall he's a man that has made a living off his nerdiness. 

Good news for fans, Hardwick is currently actually working on his follow-up comedy special which is going to be titled "Mandroid 2: Son of Mandroid" apparently, expected for next year.

You can find Chris Hardwick and his crew on the Nerdist.com or the Nerdist channel on youtube.

I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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