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RR Donald Glover - Weirdo

Donald Glover, actor, rapper and occasionally stand-up comedian!

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Title: Weirdo: Live From New York
Comedian Donald Glover 
Release date 2012
Genre Stand-up Comedy album

Mostly known by his musical stage name Childish Gambino, Donald Glover is a pretty funny actor and comedian who started his career on the Derrick Comedy comedy group.

With those guys he made lots of sketches released on youtube to much success as well producing their first Hollywood feature, a 2009 comedy film, Mystery Team.

Glover really attained a much bigger audience when he joined the meta nerd-favorite NBC comedy Community (which was, as of now, sadly canceled after 5 Seasons...) as Troy.

This wasn't of course his sole career, as he's been also doing pretty well as a rapper. Releasing along the TV show a couple of well-received music albums.

Having also written 30 Rock and produced in the past, it was time to explore new ventures. Donald Glover started doing comedy stand-up during his free time. He was finally given a Comedy Special thanks to Comedy Central in 2010.

This is his first stand-up comedy album, it was made available at first as both a CD and a mp3 album, and later as a DVD release. It was recorded at the end of the tour, live in New York.

Donald Glover mostly does observational comedy and biographical material too. Since he's still kinda young, as such he might not have yet gone through that many life experiences, but he's able to still cover pretty original and interesting stuff.

Despite an introduction where he tries to warn his audience regarding the language he's about to use, the special actually turns out to be pretty tame and soft, appropriate enough for all audiences in my eyes.

Following his opener, Donald Glover then goes on to how much he loves weird stuff. A pretty short bit about homeless people (as it's apparently always the case with New York comedians...), don't let downers and nostalgic haters tell you otherwise, stuff nowadays is great and there's never been a better time to live. Onto kids a subject he knows a lot after growing up in a home with a lot of other children and being a baby sitter. Next is "the n-word", dating and girls, his childhood and he finally choses for his big closer telling a 10-minute story, from his time with his younger brother and this new kid, at Home Depot...

Donald Glover is a great comedian with good delivery!

The subjects are diverse enough despite relating to his life, such as his would be-involvement with the Amazing Spider-Man reboot (#donald4spiderma!!) and twitter-nerd rage. How awesome remaking Shaft with one of the whitest actors out there would be!

He brings a fun perspective on things we have as kids. Being a comedian and making a musical rap career. Growing at the foster home his parents used to run. Kids are Tiny Hitlers. Comparing AIDS vs. having babies (tastefully, nonetheless!).

Weird is a fun comedy album, with some "gross" or "weird" stuff in there.

Overall, this is a pretty fun comedy album from a pretty funny comedian! Recommended!

If you're a fan of Donald Glover, Community or his rap songs which always contain some humor to some extend, give a try to "Weirdo: Live From New York"!

He's not afraid to take things back to much simpler times as a kid, or talk about plain "weird" things. It's a great Stand-up Special!

I give it:

2.5 / 3 Urkels!

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