Friday, August 22, 2014

#NerdTalk - GUARDIANS of Two Worlds

I cant believe Marvel did this whole "Man of Two Worlds" thing on film before DC Comics/Warner Bros were even able to ever try any movies outisde of Batman and Superman!

And yeah, I know, there was that... errr... "Green Lantern" film (not even mentioning that awful Catwoman attempt, which doesn't count since it's basically a Batman spinoff).
I still hate having to remember it... 

Anyway, Green Lantern was DC & Warner's best and only attempt at a different kind of "comic book movie", not a direct super hero or vigilante tale, but pure science-fiction. And it was a turd crap a nightmare so underwhelming. Such a missed opportunity. Ruined by every possible worst case scenario.

The Star Wars prequels lacking any kind of heart or over-relaying on CGi? Green Lantern did that! Blank 2-dimensional characters, awkward non-humor and action scenes for the sake of action scenes like Michael Bay's Transformers series? GL did it too. Weak lackluster budget? Bad casting? The list goes on... 

Also I do believe the movie could have a much better screenplay by simply following Geoff Johns' Secret Origins... instead it tried to encompass way too many plot points in order to quickly build a franchise/a couple of sequels. Which is always a bad move in your one and only attempt at exploring a new series. Introducing Parallax, Yellow Lanterns, etc. You didn't need to reach that obligatory cliffhanger to get the movie wouldn't receive a sequel....

Anyway - I'm kinda getting sidetracked here - Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians was left in the hands of a great "small budget" ex-Trauma director. And the movie worked.

But I'm not here just to talk about the movie, but the comic.

The comic of course, which the movie takes after, is actually a pretty recent revamp of an older title. Everyone heard about the original Guardians of the Galaxy by this point, which featured an entirely different team.

The revamp was from the 2000s, and featured a group of totally unrelated characters banding together for a pretty fun comedy/team book.

The fact they made a movie from such a series is quite impressive on its own. Kinda like if Warner would make a movie now from the Judd Winick's Outsiders series featuring Nightwing and Arsenal. Or a Shadowpact movie featuring Detective Chimp and Ragman.

Actually, I'd be totally up for that, sign me in for a Detective Chimp & The Shadowpact! Hear that DC/Warner?

But it's not a surprise they would see the potential into making a movie featuring Star-Lord and his gang. After all Star-Lord's origin offers such a simple template as far as scifi/space opera go. A young man ending becoming an adventurer in space, while had he stayed on Earth he would have lived a fairly normal life.

In fact, Star-Lord's sort of a pastiche of all these grand epic 60s/Silver Age space-faring adventurer types. You know. Like Buck Rogers, John Carter, Flash Gordon and Adam Strange. Speaking of....

Adam Strange has always been a personal favorite of mine for many, many years.

I still remember back when I used to be such a huge DC fan, reviewing all these Adam Strange comics.

Star-Lord's basically a big riff on Adam Strange (at least, pre-his GotG days). And DC missed such a big opportunity on ever getting Adam Strange out of the comic pages... He's a pretty fun and simple character with such a perfect story pitch.


He's just a man that keeps zapping through two different worlds. His home on Earth, where he always ends up back in whenever the "Zeta Beams" wear off. And the planet Rann, where he met the love of his life, where he is more than "just" an archeologist, but more of an actual Indiana Jones-like adventurer, facing monsters, saving people and uncovering treasures!

But alas... Warner decided to keep all the fun outta their film. And have Nolan produce every single film, while David Goyer writer all of them (and apparently Zack Snyder basically in charge of putting these ideas to film it seems...?). So I guess it's not too bad they won't get to Dark Knight-ify Adam Strange as well when it's all said and done...

And since everything has to be "BATMAN" these days, even the man of steel himself, Superman,apparently. I guess they are going to keep releasing Batman films after Batman films for years now.

Heck, the Man of Steel sequel turned into a Superman/Batman film (before the emphasis was switched around as Batman V Superman!!).

And they will keep releasing Batman film after Batman film, never allowing any fun to come out on the big screen (side-point: Since, anyway, the Warner execs are still very much ashamed of "superheroes" in general, and they won't make any fun adventurous superhero flick ever. Batman? Oh, he's a vigilante that's different. Superman? Well, they didn't call the film "that", plus it's more like what if an alien actually arrived on Earth FOR REALZ, and its consequences).

Anyway, this is ended way far off for something about Guardians of the Galaxy/Adam Strange. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish there was a good Adam Strange movie, but it's too late now I suppose...

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