Friday, October 31, 2014

#Movie NEWS! First look at Terminator Genisys cast

So did you guys and gals get a look at the cast of the upcoming Terminator Genisys? They were just revealed on a cover of EW:

Alright. I gotta say I've been carefully closely following the production of this film. So far I'm actually honestly hyped for it. With Jurassic World and Star Wars, next year sounds like revival day as far as old school blockbuster franchises go.

And even the pitch sound fun - and I'm saying that as one who's read and played a TON of Terminator material outside the films. This sounds like a complete Hollywood bingo: it's a sequel/prequel/interquel/reboot/remake and has even hints of a fresh new adaptation (from some of the Dark Horse Comics Terminator stories I've read). It takes place following after T4, people travel back in time BEFORE the events of T1, a young Sarah Connor is then taken under the wing of the original Schwarzennegger Terminator (or at least the T3 one which wasn't destroyed), it grows older (and thus into current day Schwarzie, because apparently Terminator artificial flesh does age) then it will take place concurrently with the events of T1 and Kyle Reese's arrival in the 1980s. And this will result in a brand new timeline!

Crazy, right? Time travel...


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