Friday, November 21, 2014

#Movie NEWS! the JURASSIC WORLD teaser is out... and...

The Jurassic World teaser is finally out!!

I'm super pumped! Super hyped!! I can't wait! 'Feels like I have been waiting for this movie since a decade! I remember the old rumors floating around, back when JPIII came out and Joe Johnston was supposedly returning to film it. Stories about genetically enhanced dinosaurs and whatnot... (... which seem awful correct, even so a decade later..)

And Universal just released the first teaser, and...

... what?!?

Just that?? THAT?? No new footage. Instead something to remind us some nostalgia???

Aww... I can't stay made at you, Jurassic Park. You're finally re-opened... *sigh*

An actual trailer is supposed to be released soon, though!

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