Wednesday, December 31, 2014

CBR Adventure Time Vol. 3: Seeing Red OGN

Let's end this year with another Adventure Time original graphic novel!

You know what time is it? It's ADVENTURE TIME!!

Comic title: Adventure Time: Seeing Red - The Original Graphic Novel also known as Adventure Time: Seeing Red or simply Adventure Time Vol. 3: Seeing Red  
Art by Zack Sterling & Meredith McClaren 
Written by Kate Leth

Published by Boom! Studios imprint KaBOOM!
From 2014
Lineup Adventure Time series
Format: Original digest-sized graphic novel.

Along the super-popular main Adventure Time comic book series, Boom! Studios keep publishing all kinds of mini-series. From the stand alone limited series to their line of original graphic novels.

Following the Playing With Fire and Pixel Princesses to much success in 2013, this one's their third volume of their digest-sized manga-styled (think Scott Pilgrim) graphic novel series.

Don't let the side fool you, despite the "3" on the spine this is yet another fun standalone episode, a self-contained story. You don't need to have read any of the other volumes of the comic book series to jump in.

This one's written by the very talented webcomic cartoonist Kate Leth (KATE OR DIE!). With series regular artist Zach Sterling back art duties.

Adventure Time Vol. 3: Seeing Red was released in March 2014.

This story sees Marceline the Vampire Queen starring in her second dedicated Adventure Time comic, following the big success Boom! had on Marceline and the Scream Queens. The coolest vampire in Ooo is this time accompanied by Jake the Dog as they travel through the kind-friendly take on Hell, the Nightosphere. This time it's a story revolving around her dad, Hunson Abadeer, exploring a bit more their relationship.

Our tale begins with Jake visiting Marceline the Vampire Queen. Jake is bored, he couldn't go with Finn and Bubblegum on some new quest because it concerned some duke that was "allergic to Jakes".

But that's okay, because instead he can hang out with Marceline for a change. Marcie has to go back home for some family reunion. Usually she would just skip this sort of reunion, but it turns out she left her magical axe bass behind the last time she was there.

The problem is... Marceline finds out her dad traded her axe with some guy named Svitz, who in turn sold it to some witch Marcie used to know named Adelaide. They fight for the bass in a game of pong.. only to find out Adelaide alreadygave it to her boyfriend who's in some kind of band... 

Things get more and more complicated as Marceline and Jake go adventuring through a quest that will take them all the way through the Nightosphere!

It's a fun adventure that explore's Marceline's tense relationship with her father.

We get a fun look at the origin of Marceline's axe in a cool brief moment of Hunson Abadeer's own past.

There's also some awkward bellhop devil that gets super creepy around Jake....

Our rebellious Vampire Queen has some major daddy issues, which provide much of melodramatic of this family reunion.

Marceline's such a fun likeable protagonist.

Kate Leth wrote a pretty fun Adventure Time tale. There are some great character moments, mostly revolving around their daughter-father relationship.

The book can count once more on Zack Sterling's gorgeous art. Fantastic interiors. He has the perfect style for the series narrowed done. He also permits himself some pretty cool splash pages here and there (not too much, don't worry).

At the end of the day, Seeing Red feels like a fun story-heavy action-packed episode of the actual show.

This time the back-up feature follows Lumpy Space Princess in "LSP: Gone Questin'" once more by Meredith McClaren.

It's a fun mindless short story to take well-needed breath after such an epic main tale.

It's about LSP on a quest of her own. LSP is after the best most rad purse she can find in Ooo, she wants all the attention from her friends living in Lumpy Space. What she ends up finding at the end of journey will be more than enough...

It's fun. Has a more stylized look than the main feature. It's told via a 4-panel-style comic strip formula, accompanied by some random illustrations some times linked to LSP's quest (or not).

More comedic than adventurous.  

Overall, another fun full-blown Adventure Time comic story!

Recommended to any Adventure Time fan, specially those who dig the rockin' Vampire Queen.

I would love to see the main cartoon reference some of the parts of this new graphic novel (characters or the flashback regarding the axe bass). For now it's a nice exploration of the character of Marceline.

A fun touching father-daughter all-age story anyone can enjoy.

I give it:
2 / 3 Bobobos!

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