Monday, March 9, 2015

#TV News! First pics of Supergirl show

Here's a first look at the upcoming live action Supergirl show to air on CBS next Season:

Alright. Didn't expect that at all! In a good way!

They're actually going for a classic look. I was fearing the more obvious CW Smallville approach (remember "the blur"?) or something like her New 52 costume. But actually has the skirt! The whole thing feels and looks inspired by Man of Steel, but it is pretty decent!

This might be fun!

I don't like how many people are already bashing the actress or the appearance. Saying she's "too old" or "too ugly" (I mean, really???). She looks pretty kickass I'd say. And just how young did you guys want her to be? The actress is 28, if you ask me that's pretty young enough for the role. I wouldn't really like to see a 15 years old girl in the role personally...


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