Monday, April 20, 2015

#Movie NEWS! Chris Pratt, Bats and Supes, and the Fant4Stic (??)

Here's a few movie news - comic book related edition!
Let's start with a nnew Jurassic World poster, featuring everyone's favorite scene from the trailer!

Next up is the official non-leaked teaser trailer for Man of Steel 2 Superman/Batman Superman Vs. Batman Batman V. Superman - and yes, I still consider the title of the movie pretty stupid, it's not a legal case, dammit! (But making it one would make the movie exponentially awesomer)

BatAffleck is actually looking the part and dare I say, pretty decent.

Although, no Wonder Woman yet? They did say she's supposedly as important a character in this flick!

Here's a bonus pic of Batman with a sniper rifle:

Which actually comes straight from Frank Miller btw:

Warner also released the following posters to hype the film:

Say what you want, somehow Ben Affleck and the look they went with Batman here is probably the closest we've ever come thus far to a proper real live action Batman.

And now, for something completely different, but equally dark 'n' gritty - the new trailer for Fantastic Four FANT4STIC (how are you supposed to read this title!?):

This trailer finally made the film looks... at least, interesting.

The Thing still looks... awful. But at least he's no Doctor Doom:


I loved Chronicle, so at least I hope this film is able to get some of that magic back.


  1. So... those trailers...

    The Batman v Superman one (Now that I noticed they put Batman's name first it makes sense, he's what sells best for DC) Um.... Batman looked cool. And... errr.... Batman looked cool. (I honestly have no other opinion besides that Batman looked cool.)

    As for Fant4stic, the poster did not make me think Fantastic Four. Like something for a generic video game. As for the trailer: It looks like it might be a good movie, but not a Fantastic Four movie. That's my main problem with this movie: It just doesn't feel like it. You can say it has the characters, but the characters don't feel like the characters to me. You can say that's Reed Richards, but he doesn't feel quite like the Reed Richards I know, you know? I don't know.

    1. Same here. BatAffleck is probably the most BATMAN Batman yet. The rest.... errr... Let's just say he definitively looked the part.

      Fant4Stic just looks generic. Maybe a good scifi flick, but nothing says FF to me.