Thursday, May 21, 2015

#Cartoon NEWS! Pilot Season 2015 on Cartoon Network!

It's time for another pilot season of new (potential) Cartoon Network shows!

Cartoon Network just aired three new cartoon pilots. Each radically different and apparently aiming at different crowds/genres. Let's check 'em out!
(They've all be re-uploaded to youtube so I'll be linking those videos below, but that might not last long before CN pulls them off - be advised!) The first one was...

Jammers by Lizz Hickey

This one is pretty weird. And random. It almost reminds me of ol' MTV cartoons, with a dash of [adult swim]. This was pretty random and surreal. Probably more random that, yes, even Uncle Grandpa. The story itself and designs look like they will probably be changed later on if this gets picked for a full show. It's basically a story about a girl competing against the popular kids, trying to get a date for the prom, and it even ends with a moral of sorts... 

Ridin’ With Burgess by Andres Salaff

A more action/comedy cartoon. This one is closer to stuff we already have on CN, like Regular Show. Heck the main character's a slacker here too. It was maybe a bit dumb and the main guy's not that likeable, although that could evolve over a show. I'm not sure I personally enjoyed this second short really, even the weirdness of Jammers was more charming than this one.

Twelve Forever by Julia Vickerman

Out of the three shorts, this one felt like the definitive winner to me. Another scifi/fantasy/adventure. Closer in tone to popular series I love right now like Steve Universe or Disney's Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. It was funny, the designs are great and different and the animation was lovely too. Plus Julia Vickerman is awesome. Now this is more like it. Sadly, precisely because of other series like Steve Universe or Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, I doubt CN will greenlight this one since it feels so similar to those... sigh..

And that's it for this year's round of cartoon pilots. I feel like with Cartoon Network now exploring miniseries as well, these new concepts have a lot more chance than some previous shorts from the early 2000s.

Wait and see-

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