Monday, May 11, 2015

#TV News! All aboard the hype train!

With the confirmation of a new season of Agents of SHIELD and - surprise! - another season of Agent Carter (wasn't it just supposed to be a self-contained mini-series?), Disney/Marvel just released the first teaser pics for both shows:

Agents of SHIELD's 3rd season is being promoted with this shiny hi-tech new logo. My guess is that it means the show will revolve around Fury's mysterious box.
Attention Agents! Assemble for Season 3. 
The tagline is a bit cheesy, but perfectly timed with the new Avengers film we just got.

Agent Carter is back as well.
AgentCarter is back to work. 
I would love a little time skip. To introduce a young Hank Pym maybe..?

Meanwhile Marvel's other new upcoming series in development at ABC from with director John Ridley is still kept in secret. Some people (me included) would love a Ms. Marvel live series. And the Agents of SHIELD spinoff they announced a little ago seems to have been put aside. (A "Secret Warriors" series?)

That only lives us with AKA Jessica Jones which will debut on Netflix this fall.

Speaking of comic book proprieties, on DC Comics/Vertigo's side, here's the logo for the upcoming Lucifer series on Fox:

And a first pic:

Let's hope this encounters less trouble than Constantine did...

Source: Courtesy from Screenrant


  1. Have heard for a long time a Hulk TV show was considered, but that was a two-three years ago, so I have no idea what's happening with that. (A TV show might do Hulk better, probably)

    1. From what Kevin Feige's saying regarding the Hulk, I don't think they could squeeze that into their plans, specially not until "Phasa 3"'s done. At the end of the day, the trouble with the MCU is trying to fit everything into their larger plans.
      Like having the Defenders' united on time for them to show up on Avengers 3 Part II.