Monday, June 1, 2015

#DeletedScenes - That Justice League Movie we never got #2

Remember that Justice League Movie from George Miller we never got?

Thanks to Mad Max 4's success, people have been looking into that again. And now a whole documentary about this scrapped JLA movie is in production.

And now we finally have some concept art pics to go with it.
Do you wonder what kind of Justice League film we would have gotten, if DC/Warner Bros didn't scrap it in favor of keeping Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight films the sole live action Batman at the time? Here's some illustrations straight from Miller's JL - Doco ("The Official Twitter account of the proposed Miller's Justice League Mortal - Documentary"):


The only thing I can say is this was looking to be on the right track. And awfully close/faithful to DC's comics at the time. Tribal tattoos aside, Aquaman above is looking pretty close to Zack Snyder's, with a bit from his 90s comic book incarnation (do I stop a water hand there??).

And Wonder Woman looking badass! And J'onn/the Martian Manhunter looking fantastic - I can certainly imagine Hugh Keays-Byrne playing him above.

Why do I feel this is the JLA we should have gotten? I haven't even seen Man of Steel -yet- and I know I don't want David Goyer/Snyder's version already...

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