Monday, June 15, 2015

#E3 NEWS! Bethesda + Nintendo stuff

Time for a little first E3-recap!

In case you've been living under a rock or were just born yesterday (and in that case - what are you already doing on the Internet and reading English? Go back to bed, baby!), the E3 is the biggest gaming convention of the year... a few years ago. Seriously, the best stuff are always kept for the Tokyo Game Show, or the GDC, or Gamescom, or, heck, even Penny Arcade Expo!

ANYWAYS! E3 has still a lot to offer. From all these early announcement or reveal trailers to new tidbits. (Usually a lot of pre-rendered cutscenes that end up looking nothing alike the actual later games *cough*Watch_dog*cough*)

This year Bethesda opened up the floor with some kickass long-awaited surprises and Nintendo's already showing some fun new stuff.
First up, this is something which I'm not that interested in. I liked what I saw of the first Dishonored, but I kinda forgot all about it. I dunno, it seemed like a more stealth Assassin's Creed to me. Here's the official trailer for the upcoming Dishonored 2 game:

Looking neat-o! Maybe some day I will marathon both Dishonored games.

The game's expected for Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.

Now onto Bethesda's main title. They finally showed some Fallout 4 in action! We finally get to see how things look like in-game, how the gameplay is, how the story starts, etc:

Woah! The graphics actually do look nice! And you finally get to play some pre-apocalyptic Fallout for a change!

Let's also mention the Collector’s Edition which will contain a "real life Pip-Boy", you read that right!

It's actually a huge prop that will allow you to put your own phone in there. Install the official app and you will be able to actually access the in-game menus using your real Pip-Boy on your own wrist! If that isn't awesome enough for ya... well, you're dead inside.

Next up was a second surprise Fallout game. It's something completely, a game for smartphones. But it's fun enough so it's worth mentioning it here.

The game is called Fallout Shelter, it's a strategy game and they even just released it during the presentation, live!

Will you keep everyone alive long enough!? It's a random fun and free game.

(For now it's only on iPhones though.)

It's inspired by old classics like X-Com and Sim City. If you ask me, this lil' game sounds and looks fun : )

And now, here's my most awaited long-expected game, for me personally. DOOM 4! Or as id's calling it, simply "Doom" (I'm so tired of this unnumbered confusing basic title trend... ):


I kinda miss Doom 3's survival horror-esque aesthetic (which didn't seem to please everyone, because 'bunch of crybabies). But this new more action-packed Doom looks fine to me!

The finish moves look great! The chainsaw seems to be based on those finish moves actually, overpowered but fun. The monsters look great! Classic Doom monsters mixed with Doom 3 monsters (like those Hell Knights), I love the sound of that! They said the Hell-stages are from the mid-part of the game and everything else's from the beginning. The game will even feature a map-builder, since they noticed all those communities making Doom levels all these years.

I LOVED IT! I like how they acknowledged picking some ideas from the infamous Doom comic, the finish moves are clearly drawing from it! Please reprint it along a collector edition, pretty please!!

The game is coming in spring 2016 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Leaving Bethesda behind, lately there were some infos regarding a leaked Transformers game from Activision.

And there's just been a few precisions regarding it. The game appears to be called Transformers: Devastation. From the looks of the very first pics people thought it looked familiar, it seemed to have the same visuals as the Legend of Korra video game. Turns out it was true!

This Transformers game will be a beat 'em all developed by Platinum Games! Woah! Color me impressed! And if that's not all the game will feature the original cast of G1 reprising their roles.

I really, really loved the Cybertron games, so count me in. While it's not High Moon Studios developing it, I'll pretend it's a continuation of those games :P

The game's actually already expected for October 6 release date, for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4!

Now onto Nintendo's side.

Nintendo showed some more stuff of Super Mario Maker:

And I'm still loving the sound of it! Honest, this sounds might fun say what you will!

I always loved spending (read: wasting) time with game editors...

And finally let's end up with the announcement nobody expected. Nintendo also announced EarthBound Beginnings.

While I know some would have probably preferred a new modern EarthBound title, it's actually the first official release of the third game outside Japan! That's right, the original NES Earthbound/Mother game coming to the Wii U’s Virtual Console:

The game's first official English translation! (Although I've already had a custom NES cartmod for ages)

And that's it for this first batch of E3 news today! There's been a lot of new News while I wrote this post today. I'll look at all the new announcements tomorrow morning first thing.

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