Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#Gaming NEWS! You thought Splatoon was too kiddy for you? Here's THIS!

Speaking of long-awaited games from fan-favorite creators, remember this?

Really, no? Because I certainly didn't...

Devil's Third was a long in development hell action game from Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive creator Itagaki. He's been pretty silent since he left Tecmo, so there's been no words on this game. It was once expected for Xbox 360, then Xbox One/PS4, and finally it found a new home on the Wii U - of all consoles!

We now have a date AND a video to go along:

This first game from Valhalla Game Studios (mostly composed of the original Tecmo's Team Ninja) is expected for August 4 in Japan, as a digital title! Yeah, you read that right. But a physical edition will only be available on Amazon. That's.... pretty random? Do they fear to let kids get their hands on a mature title if it was available in stores!?

In the US... the game hasn't been picked by a distributor yet. And Nintendo of America seems to be having trouble with it (or marketing it at the very least).

Meanwhile in Europe this Wii U-exclusive has just had a date confirmed officially by Nintendo:

August 28 for Europe! Nice!

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