Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#DeletedScenes - The Crash Bandicoot cartoon we deserved

So I meant to have a blog post about this last weekend, specially since I've always been such a huuuge fan of the series, but I kinda forgot...


Anyways, in case you haven't heard about it so far, apparently some clips of a Crash Bandicoot cartoon have recently surfaced on youtube, thanks to original game producer David Siller.

What the what?! That's right! We almost got a Crash Bandicoot cartoon!!
So the stories goes, back in 1993/94, while Naughty Dog was working on the actual Crash Bandicoot game, Universal Interactive Studio was already looking to expand the brand beyond the game. Hey, the goal was to launch a brand new mascot that could rival the likes of Sonic - this was the 1990s, remember.

They had Universal Animation work on Crash Bandicoot animations. Which worked as a pitch for the eventual cartoon, and would have appeared in the final game as well as opening and closing cutscenes. But back in the day Sony Computer Entertainment had their head stuck into pushing 3D polygon graphics (often to the detriment of a lot of great 2D games...), which resulted in a lot of great 2D titles never making it out outside Japan for example, and they instead made a push to scrap those scenes in favor of the 3D-rendered cutscenes we now know.

Not only did we lost the fun little animations, but the cartoon project was instantaneously shelved alongside those.

Enough with explanations, here's the Crash Bandicoot cartoon we never had:

Nice! :D

Really nice. It reminds me a lot of 90s Warner Bros animation (such as Animaniacs and Tiny Toons).

I know some people have been criticizing the very rough animation, but as a test this looked fairly nice in my eyes, kind of reminiscent of Earthworm Jim's own cartoon series. At least it was no Bubsy:


Source: Courtesy from 9Matt2.

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