Friday, July 17, 2015

#DeletedScenes - ObsCure D

Remember the games ObsCure and ObsCure II The Aftermath I reviewed in the past?

In those previous reviews I talked about this scrapped sequel Hydravision never got to develop. And then they went bankrupt, brought the studio back and then became Mighty Rocket Studios.

Any possible ObsCure 2 or spinoff game would be put on hold. Until a few of those ideas made it back into the unrelated (spinoff?) sidescroller beat 'em all Final Exam. So what happened to ObsCure D?
Unlike Final Exam, this ObsCure D began its life as another survival horror episode in the series.

The idea was first to make a stand alone digital-download title for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS (!) and PC. Before it moved entirely on the 3DS. A simpler portable 3DS ObsCure game! Sounds fun, right?

The game was aimed for a Fall 2012 release date. To make things simpler the game would be playable from a sidescroller point of view.

It would have seen the return of a few characters from the Obscure Series along some news faces. The known characters were: Liddyah Thompson, Carlos Petrovita, Molly Hampsterview, Jacob Small, Claire Richards, Jason Mcreary, Ashley Thompson and Josh Carter - those later two coming from past ObsCure games.

The game would have taken place before ObsCure 2.

So what killed the game? A lack of clear vision regarding what the game would have been. You see it first began life earlier on the PSP and Nintendo DS as ObsCure Dark Aura. At that point it was going to take place immediately after the second game, starring the surviving character Shannon. Then this project was scrapped, rebuild from scratch and turned into this ObsCure D side-story. And then the developed was closed down. Too late to take this game project anywhere...

Why did the D refer to? No idea... I'd like to believe this was an allusion to the excellent weird/horror game series D/D2/Enemy Zero by WARP (the same way I like to pretend SWERY's D4 also refers to those classic games).

Along the way the visuals became a lot more cartoony. Then it moved to the PS3/Xbox 360/PC where it evolved into a 4 player online coop-game...

Most of those ideas would be resurrected and used in the "spinoff"/reboot Final Exam. A completely different final product.

For now it seems the original "ObsCure" series is dead for good... Sigh...

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