Monday, July 6, 2015

#DeletedScenes - Some Marvel fighting game that was never greenlighted

Did you know we almost got a perfectly fine looking modern Marvel fighting game?

No, not that awful Rise of the Imperfects game. Ugh.... Don't talk about that. Anymore. Never again. Only half the (small) cast were actual Marvel character, and all the new characters were so awful...

Check out this video, people have found a video prototype showing what could have been - the Hulk fighting Captain American:

It seemed... decent. The game was apparently being developed by EA Chicago, before the lost the license to the characters.

Sure, we got all those FANTASTIC Capcom fighters, and the X-Men: Mutant Academy games/X-Men: Next Dimension back on the early PS1/PS2 days.. But I'm talking a more open 3D-kind of game like the Power Stone series.

Source: Courtesy from PtoPOnline.

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