Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#NerdTalk - Dragon Ball GT seems still canon with SUPER in my eyes

Here's a random thought.

I already discussed plenty about Dragon Ball in my last blog post-updates.

Here's an old quote that rings surprisingly true in regards to the new show Dragon Ball Super, from the creators behind the manga and the anime:

With the Dragon Ball Kanzenban, the series will be garnering new fans. And being fans, I think they will probably want to see some new Dragon Ball Z. How about it, Sensei — why not make a new animated work once a year or so?

Ah, I’d like to see that.

But in the final chapter, Goku’s getting pretty old. And what happens to him after is already covered in the anime-original Dragon Ball GT. Still, Goku is the main character, after all. If you’re going to make a new story without any difficulty, you’ll have to rewind time a bit, and tell a story from somewhere in the past, or something…

I agree. Rather than continuing on strangely into the future, or digging deeper, I’d rather develop it with something like a separate episode, going back in time to say, “there was such-and-such a story, involving such-and-such an opponent”. As in, it wasn’t in the coimc, but this kind of thing also happened. I think that’d probably be better. 

There you have it! Long before there were plans for Super! That would explain why the new show's still taking place before the epilogue of the manga!

Source: Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Densetsu.


  1. Maybe. Then again, they'd have to have a good reason for not turning Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or not see either Beerus or Whis in GT. (Frankly, I think they're using the plot stuff from GT into Super, so in that way, it is canon...?)

    1. I'm still not entirely sure I like the idea of having to go through Battle of Gods/Revival of F remade in Super... Maybe they'll change/edit the plot? Get rid of the ridiculous blue-haired Son Goku?

      Or better explain the SSGod form, like clearly state it's only temporary for that time. (which would allow for an eventual SSJ4 to pop up later on, some day)

      Since we have a lot of hints this could still go into GT's direction (such as Gohan being basically already GT!Gohan), I've been thinking lately... maybe they'll simply incorporate GT by revamping it. And turn Super into a sort of DBGT Kai, if you get what I mean. (And maybe edit out the Super C17 saga, which is personally the only part of GT I truly didn't like much.. I like the "Grand Touring" part and using the Dragons at the end as the perfect closer for the entire series)