Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#Randomz - Fans recreate HD remasters of fan favorite classic games in Unreal 4

Fanmade stuff can be just as good or better than professional stuff.

Case in point, Shenmue.

Some fans have been disappointed by Ryo's (placeholder stock) face in the upcoming Shenmue 3. Even Yu Suzuki himself apologized for that. And while everyone's been asking for a Shenmue 1+2 HD re-release, they won't be able to do that because Sega still has the rights to do that (and they don't seem interested in anything non-mobile games/Sonic these days).

So fans took upon themselves to recreate the original Shenmue in Unreal 4!

This won't become a real thing, because the sheer size of the logistics behind such a huge adventure game (all the quests, interactions, scripting, etc) would require a huge entire team (and the millions it cost back in the day). But for now it gives us a nice look at the kind of visuals we'd wish for such a project. (Although I'm sure Sega would just to a bare-minimal facelift upscaling if they'd ever port it for HD systems..)

Need more proof that fans always have the best intentions in heart and can do just as good if not better than the actual studios?

Capcom's getting worse by the year. They're now revamping Resident Evil 0 because if they would ever get to do RE2 they'd have to actually do the remake properly from scratch (while RE0 is not that old a game). No wonder fans have been making full blown remakes of Resident Evil 2 in Unreal 4 as well:

This "Resident Evil 2 Reborn" looks fairly nice! I didn't think I would like to see a classic tank-controls RE updated with the RE4 controls scheme, but it actually sounds nice now that I see it in motion! (Imagine all the work that Capcom would have to do to get to these results? Don't count on it...).

And if you don't like the idea of shaking things up, some other fans have been keeping the original game and only upgrading the visuals as well:

Looks awesome!

They fans are doing a lot better than what the actual publishers have done these last few years. I wonder who will receive a seize and desist first? Capcom is known to stop fan projects like these, so...

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