Thursday, July 9, 2015

#SDCC News! A Back to the Future comics!!

San Diego Comic Con 2015 just started. I'm sure a few interesting news will come out of this. Apparently Marvel stepped out of SDCC this year. No panel on upcoming Marvel films, comics, etc. Nada!

I can already safely say what my favorite news out of this year's Comic Con is.

IDW's Ghostbusters series might be over, but they just announced a Back to the Future comic book series!!!

It will be written by John Barber (Transformers) and Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters) with a rotating team of artists beginning with Brent Schoonover and Dan Schoening. Here's a big splash-covers/teaser:

And instead of a traditional series it will rather be an anthology format instead (that's actually how the GB comic at IDW started, with a set of miniseries and specials long before we got the proper ongoing).
Back To The Future #1 will be out in October.

Source: io9.


  1. And I believe Bob Gale will be involved as a sort of story consultant like he did for the Telltale games, so it's as close to official BttF stories.

    1. I'm wishing it simply follows the same pattern as IDW's GB comics.
      First a few mini-series and specials. And then after some success an actual on-going continuation that uses the modern video game as a way to launch this comic book sequel.