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CBR Aw Yeah Comics!

Aw Yeah, Comics!!

Aw Yeah, Comics!!

Comic title: Aw Yeah Comics!: And... Action!
Art by Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani, Audrey Baltazar, Matt Brazee, Denver Brubaker, Jamie Cosley, Mel Dale, Scott SCOOT McMahon, Alejandro Rosado, Manuel Preitano, Jeff Couturier, Dan Polito, Jack Davies
Written by Franco Aureliani, Art Baltazar, Matt Brazee, Denver Brubaker, Jamie Cosley, Marc Hammond, Scott SCOOT McMahon, Chris Smits, Brad Meltzer, Theo Meltzer, Marc Hammond, Michael Moreci, Nicolas Aureliani, Audrey Baltazar, Chad Derdowski, Russell Lissau, Hasan Paschall, Tom Kelly, Alejandro Rosado

Published by Aw Yeah Comics! Publishing/Dark Horse Comics
From 2014
Lineup Aw Yeah Comics! series
Format: Trade paperback collecting Aw Yeah Comics! #1–#4.

After leaving DC Comics for Dark Horse Comics Art Baltazar and Franco where able to keep making fun All-Age comics, since major publishers didn't seem interested in the genre anymore.

After publishing the very funny little Itty Bitty Hellboy, the duo was now finally able to take the time to work on their own creator-owned comics.

Aw Yeah Comics! is the first new title the duo was able to launch. Super heroes created by Art Baltazar and Franco, originally financed through Kickstarter and then self-published through Art Baltazar's Electric Milk Creations Art Studio.

It's a comic for the mascot of the creators of Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures!

That's right, "Aw, Yeah, Comics" was not only their catchphrase, but it was also meant to be the comic for their very own mascot!

The story follows the adventures of Action Cat! And Adventure Bug! And their daily adventures in the Aw Yeah Comics Universe! Facing bad guys, stopping Evil Cat's evil schemes!

If you're familiar with their previous work, it's more or less the same formula. Less random than some issues of Tiny Titans, but not as story-driven as Itty Bitty Hellboy was. Each issue more or less revolves around one thematic/character/topic. The main feature(s) are always drawn by our Art Baltazar/Franco duo.

The first issue introduces us the characters of Action Cat and Adventure Bug. Depicting this "Aw Yeah Comics Universe!". Their recurring nemesis Evil Cat (and Ghost Bug). Evil Cat tries to get an enormous pancake to do his evil bidding for him...

In issue 2, we are introduced to a new villain, Cell-Phone-Guy! He tries to get all the local mascots in his evil band of "Apps"!!

Issue 3 brings the terrible Boom-A-Doom to town! Who will stop this creepy vulture from terrorizing Italy!? "Azione gattoa", of course! Plus a little taste of Action Cat & Adventure Bug's various variations from all around the world! We see who gets to deliver comics every Wednesday and we are introduced to the rest of the Aw Yeah Comics gang, the enigmatic Awesome Bear, not Krypto Daring Dog and Darling Dog!

Finally, issue 4 is the Halloween special Zombie issue! A new foe enters, Zombie Cat! He tries to get Ghost Bug to join him as his sidekick, but Evil Cat has a word to say about that! There's also the anniversary of Anti-Gravity Bear, a short tale of Shoutpaws and... Blorg?!

These character are such fun super heroes! Epic little stories anyone can enjoy.

This time Art Baltazar is not the only one to draw and Franco the one to write all of these stories. The two swap roles a couple times. Plus they got a lot of contributors to join in the fun, the book features a lot of shorts stories by several others authors from the comic industry!

Unlike Baltazar and Franco's past collaboration, they were able to get various guest artists and writers to offer their own take on the characters. All these short stories sandwiched between the main tale sees all these authors switch back and forth writing and art duties.

A lot of these shorter stories are bit simpler than the main adventure. Often to play with or explore the secondary characters and the villains.

There's a fun game of Hot Lava with Evil Cat, a Freeze ray, etc.

These bonus stories are fun little bonus from the "Aw Yeah Bullpen", pencilled and written by the likes of Scoot McMahon, Denver Brubaker, Alejandro Rosado, Kurt Wood, Brad Meltzer /and his son Theo!), etc!

It's such a fun and cute little series.

Very enjoyable funny stories! Lovely art all around. It's for children, but it's not condescending. It's a great little book!

Aw Yeah, Art Baltazar and Franco did it again!

The characters are great! They're all fun and colorful, like Action Cat & Adventure Bug, plus their female counterparts (Adorable Cat Action Cat & Bug), the fun recurring bad guys Evil Cat & Ghost Bug, or also Zombie Cat and Frankenbug!

Overall, Aw Yeah Comics! is a fun all-ages comic with plenty of humor and riff on superhero action.

Art Baltazar and Franco's distinctive unique art style and tone is really enjoyable. The series features a lot of fun short stories and lots of jokes.

Give it a Read if you're a fan of their past work. It's a great collection of epic and fun all-age stories!

To date 7 issues have been published. So there's a second volume coming up soon. And you can keep an eye on the duo's work at the official page :
I give it:
2 / 3 Snoopies!

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