Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#TGS 2015 News! Here's a bunch of videogame news!

Time for the Tokyo Game Show!

First up, here's a really badass impressive video of Bloodborne’s first full expansion, The Old Hunters:

This looks really impressive in HD!

Here's the really gorgeous new game from Muramasa developers Vanillaware, 13 Sentinel Aegis Rim:

It looks stunning, but I'm not a big fan of the bland anime-ysh chara design of the characters and the mechas here. It looks just.. bland? Despite the lovely visuals.

Team Ninja's totally not making a new Ninja Gaiden game disguised as a Onimusha game. This Ni-Oh is apparently based on a long forgotten unfinished Akira Kurosawa script:

I doubt the actual Akira Kurosawa film would have looked anything like this to be fair. It does look and play exactly like a Ninja Gaiden with samurais instead of ninjas.

SNK announced a new King of Fighters! The King of Fighters XIV for PS4! Will SNK Playmore keep ruining SNK's franchises or is this a good decent new entry in the series??

Yeah. It's in 3D. And from the little we can see of it the models look a bit dated (it's only a beta?) and the animation seems stiff. That's completely far from anything the series originally stood for (gorgeous well animated characters). Also, I don't really like the name. "KOFXIV" should have been reserved for actual 2D KOF games, and this might be another Maximum Impact from the look of things.. Yeah, I have big opinions on the thing, because I'm a hardcore SNK fan at heart!!!

Remember when you couldn’t run and shoot in Resident Evil? Well, neither does Capcom apparently. They just announced a new Resident Evil as well. BUT WAIT! There's a twist to the formula - instead it's gonna be one of those countless Team Fortress/Left 4 Dead clones - a skill-based class-based online multiplayer shooter! It's called Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, check it out:

Sigh. No wonder the blocked comments on the video.

Of course, that's not the first time Capcom made some random spinoff, the last one we got was the "decent if forgettable" coop squad-based shooter Operation Raccoon City. Let's hope this means it will be released along a much better "back to roots" Revelations-type of game as well.

And that's it as far games that caught my attention this year.


  1. Lotsa weirdish games announced. KOF did seem to boggle the mind a bit, I couldn't really put my fingers on it. Might be the 3D models, but the specifics I can't really tell. (I'm not so sure how big a company SNK is anymore, but it was probably cheaper to go for 3D fighting models over the animation style they used in the last two games. Those looked more expensive to make than these ones)

    And I guess FPS RE isn't too much of a stretch, considering they've been going for that as of late. Might as well make a spin-off that is all that, y'know?

    1. The animation and the models both look very stiff... hopefully it's only a work-in-progress... although it's quite a shock coming from the last generations' best looking fighting game to this new generation's worst looking one :/

      SNK is dead, man! SNK Playmore is a whole completely different much smaller company trying to keep the IPs alive!