Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#Compilation - BATMAN Movie Kill Count Supercut

Why do people say Batman has a "no kill" rule? That's just an excuse to explain how serial killers like The Joker are still around after all those rules!

Did you know Bats spends most of his films killing people off left and right??

Surprisingly enough, George Clooney's Batman didn't kill anyone... so he was the most faithful one to the comics - somehow? Yay..?


  1. I'm not sure if half of those guys died, but if they did, they might as well count. And this always bothered me about the movies. Only in Batman Forever did he say "Don't kill, Robin. It won't do you or me any good. I know!" and then kills (?) Two-Face, wha? The Adam West Batman at least has some remorse for actions he did not intentionally mean to do (that was because of The Penguin, but let's not start pointing fingers on who's responsible)

    1. The film Batmans (Batmen?) never seemed to have any emotion, let alone feel "remorse". From Keaton to Bale. And I don't expect Bataffleck to do anything different. Or else the mainstream audience won't find him "cool" enough.

      He's probably the one that will kill whatever villain they got on screen in the JLA film at the end!

    2. I must say that sounds very possible to happen, it's almost sad.

      (Also, been playing Transformers Devastation. All the great Platinum/TF grade stuff you'd find in this game)