Monday, October 12, 2015

#NYCC News! GAMERA 2015

Here's the best news to ever come out of this year's New York Comic-Con for me:

Gamera, one of my all-time favorite classic kaijus, is apparently getting a new movie! In the form of another reboot! Yes, part of me would have preferred another entry in the "heisei" series from the 1990s or a follow-up to the only "millenium" Gamera entry... but I can understand the choice, we're in an era of constant reboots after all.

At least it's not an awfully generic American remake, right?

There's no release date for the moment, but Daiei Studios at least confirmed director Katsuhito Ishii and screened the following teaser trailer at the NYCC:

One word: BADASS!! I kinda miss the ol' costumes, but the CGi looks pretty good here.

The plan is to have the film on time for Gamera's 50th anniversary, simply titled GAMERA and it will feature Gamera, Gyaos,and a new monster!!

Can't wait to hear more from this project!


  1. Sweet! Bit too gruesome than I expected it to be, but sweet!

    1. Kinda like the 90s Gamera films in that regard, unlike the Showa or Millenium films.