Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#DeletedScenes - Jurassic World: The Game

Like me, are you a huge fan of dinosaurs? And the Jurassic Park series??


Did you know we almost got a brand new non-smartphone Jurassic Park game? And it even looked nice!

And I love me some good Jurassic Park games.

People tend to forget that nowadays, but they used to be good tie-in game adaptations! In fact there's even been a few to this day. Several Disney/Virgin Interactive, Cool Spot, Animaniacs, New Ghostbusters II or the next gen one, DuckTales, heck even the Back to the Future and Walking Dead series from TellTale - you name it!

And strangely enough, the JP franchise's no stranger to good games. From the Rampage Edition to Operation Genesis!

Around Jurassic World's release Cryptic Studios Seattle was apparently working on a game tie-in. Since Cryptic Studios just went bankrupt, they've release some info:
"Back in June a rumor surfaced that Cryptic Studios Seattle would be closing, and that they were working on an open-world Jurassic World video game. Unfortunately, it was confirmed shortly after that the studio had shut down. While the Jurassic game evidence was always fleeting, there was enough to logically conclude that the rumor was true.
The original information, which came from Reddit, described the game as such:

‘I got to see some screenshots of Cryptic Studio's newest game, which was based on Jurassic World. It was a 3rd person game where the player controlled Chris Pratt's character. Several dinosaurs from the series were going to be in it including: Gallimimus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and Baryonyx.

Not quite sure what you would have done in the game other than it being described as being similar to 'H1Z1.' Early Access on Steam would have come out soon but that's all the info I know.’ source

My guess? It was going to be a sort of Survival Horror/Alien: Isolation with roaming dinosaurs.

Here's some pics of the different models:

As well as some of the finished animation:

I dunno for you, but this was looking great so far!

I'm just sad they canned this game for no reason (and only re-released the park building game on Android and iPhone again..). I need my gaming dino fix.. why are there so many zombies in video games, but absolutely no dinosaur (except a few odd rare exceptions...). We need a new JP game! Or bring back Chuck Rock! Or something!!

This untitled game was to be released on the PS4, Xbox One and on PC.

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