Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#DCComics NEWS! DC stuff finally starting to look fun?

Here's two fairly similar trailers for upcoming new DC Comics/Warner Bros. proprieties that look nothing like Batman V Superman.

Tired of all the seriousness and grittiness? Well, someone at DC probably thought the best route would be to channel some of the fun spark James Gunn brought to Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy. Wanna listen to some proof?

Here's a brand new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie!

This is looking so much more fun than anything else they've been putting in place for their shared "DC Cinematic Universe". I'm still not liking this Joker, but the rest is taking shape nicely. It's very influenced by the New 52 Suicide Squad series, otherwise it's starting to seem actually kind of fun.

And here's a trailer for the upcoming new CW TV show Legends of Tomorrow:

... Actually this is just as fun. Also channeling some of the Guardians of the Galaxy odd quirky team of misfit heroes-vibe. Also using an old school track. And it even seems as grand and epic as a film.

I particularly love the quick preview of the LoT theme song there at the end, it sounds great!

I can't believe I'm saying this.. I can't wait for both!!!

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  1. Like somebody just realised "Oh yeah! We're supposed to be the fun bunch of the two" but if they continue in that track, I might give their movies another chance now. (Why must a movie with a very rightious alien and a man in a bat costume be so gritty and serious?)