Friday, January 1, 2016

#Drawings - 2015 recap!

Happy New Year, everyone!

With another year, also comes another "Summary of Art" Meme entry!
This year's template can be found over here: 2015 Art Summary Meme Blank

As usual I tried to cover as many projects and different styles of work I did this year.

Here's the source of my drawings used above:
January: With one of my robot designs making it into the upcoming Keiji Inafune video game Mighty no 9, I had to celebrate it by drawing the final design Mighty No 9 Battle Colosseum - LandCrusher 02
February: In tribute to the newly released LSL1 remake from 2014 I decided to start drawing a few of the girls from the series LSLGals Dewmi Moore
March: Hawkeye might be underused in the movies, but his series was one of my favorite comics from any big US publisher these last few years Hawkguy 02
April: I kept making a lot of comics this year. Last case in point is my fairly new series Locust Valley COMIX Locust Valley Page 12
May: This May I celebrate my Abby comic strip series with an "#AbbyMayAThon" and several other tributes
June: Following the same idea, I decide to resurrect RubberMan with a #RubberManJuneAPalooza and a new chapter COMIX RubberMan II Cover Episode 1
July: Summer saw a series of #SummerGothGal  #SummerGothGal - Hildy Gloom
August: While I already loved Steven Universe, this year saw me totally fall in love with the design of Peridot Steven Universe - Peridot 13
September: With the announcement of a new Ghostbusters film I started coming up with my own cast for the film - if I had been the one in charge that is Eyz Ghostbusters fancast #02 Christina Ricci
October: Amongst all the Halloween-themed pics I did, my blog saw ongoing Horror-marathon themed reviews Transylvania 6-5000
November: The NaNoMangO challenge saw a new character take life in my drawings OriginalCharacterJam 2015 11 Miss Z
December: Finally, Jingle Belle as usual. This year I did Xmas Commissions instead of my usual ideas, but I had to keep her for last as per tradition Jingle Belle 11

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That's all folks!~

Art © :icontheeyzmaster: Eyz 2015.

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